• Season 5, Ep 6 · Bonus

The Ladies Are Proud Of Jackie

Jackie meets Duffey, Brandi and Malaysia for drinks. The women recap all the Big Bear Mountain drama. The younger ladies are proud of Jackie for standing her ground in the middle of all the chaos.

08/14/2016 · 2:19

[music playing]

Girl, I need this break.

JACKIE (VOICEOVER): Haven'tseen the girls since Big Bear,

and Malaysia calledme up and asked

me to come out for drinks.

So I'm excited.

I haven't seen her, Brandi, andDuffey in awhile, so I'm going.


What is up?

Why did you leave?

JACKIE: Angel Lovehad me so pissed off.

You guys wasn't upstairs.

She kept saying comments like,I ain't got no friends here.

And then she madea comment to Angel

Brinks that really hurt her.

That's what made her cry,is she said, did you see

how they had each other's back?

I wish I had friends like that.

And that just crushed her, so--MALAYSIA: I know.

Everybody do.

JACKIE: You knowwhat I'm saying?



I mean, it's kind of cute.

But, you know, itjust hurt my feelings

because I'm like, I'mjust getting to know you

and now you, all of a sudden,talking about you ain't

got no-- I'm sitting here.

Girl, you done pissedJacki off by saying

the words she hate the most,you didn't have my back.

So what you think aboutthat whole situation

with Tami and Shaunieonce the girl-- you know,

Angel and Angel left?



MALAYSIA: You was amazing.


You never stand up for yourselfwhen it comes down to them two.

Malaysia, they havenever attacked me.


MALAYSIA: I mean--no, I'm not saying

that they attacked you then--


MALAYSIA: But that's whatI'm talking about when I say,

stand up for yourself.

Tami, it is to me.

Because what I'mtrying to show them is

I just went throughsomething with them

two girls that wasso-called my friends,

and they don't feelI have their back.

So they're mad at me.

So my point to youis I understand--

They said, they said to you,you did not have our back?


She was subliminallytalking to Angel Brinks.

No, you're--


You're putting yourself in--

JACKIE: You guys, I promise you.

She said it.

I always felt like yoube kissing their ass.


And I always felt like you justbe like, yes, ma'am with them.

Like, Tammy be like, Jackieyou-- da, da, da, da, da.

And you be like, yes.

[inaudible]-Uh uh.

No.DUFFEY: That's right.

No, girl.

Maybe I-- maybe everybodyplays me on a tired day.

MALAYSIA (VOICEOVER): I feellike Jackie is so strong

and I'm every woman when itcomes down to the younger ones.

But for the onesthat is her age,

she kind of bow down to them.

And it was nice to see that sheactually stood up on her own

too and said, thisis how I feel and I'm

not going to side on it.

No, you're alwayslike, hyping us up.

We hyping you up.

You killed it.

You killed it.

You killed it.