• Season 5, Ep 7

Angel Brinks Plans A Party

Brinks is planning a major party to celebrate the 5th year anniversary of her clothing line. Jackie and Angel Love come along to help brainstorm party ideas.

08/21/2016 ยท 3:44

- Body paint, that's it.

- Yeah, I think she should havebody paint.

I think she should have a--- But naked, like, nipples out?

- No, they got to have onsome--just cover up the nipples.

You ain't got to leave allthe nipple--

- Why?- 'Cause nobody want to--

- If they get cold, they'll pokeout, and that's just--

that just makes the nightbe more erotic.

I cannot help myself.

Walking into a blank canvas like this,

I can just see all kinds of different things.

You want a hell of a party?

There ain't no partylike a Jackie Christie party.


- I love this.Yeah, I love this.

- There she goes.- The doors. Okay. Oh, my God.

- Hey.- Hey.

- Hi.- Hey.

- You look so cute.- Oh, my God.

- So do you guys. Hi.- Hey.

- Girl.- Jackie Christie.

- Hey, Angel. Sorry.I'm so sorry.

These are my event planners.

Everyone who knows Angel Brinksknows I am over the top.

My party has to match that,

so that is, like, a lotof pressure

to make it bet the best party

that can be attachedto your name.

- You have thoughts so far?

- No, I mean, I love it.It looks great. I mean, it's--

- So we were thinking all of thetop, your VIP can go up there.

- I mean, do you think this iseven big enough though?

It's beautiful,but I feel like--

like, where would the tables go?

Like, I need, like,a full-on--no, hello?

Like, I'm talking to you--- No, no, no,

Maybe put the tables aroundand keep the center open maybe?

Because if you justput them everywhere,

it's kind of likea charity event.

- We were thinking moreof, like, cocktail tables.

That's what we had, like--- Oh, cocktail tables.

That's kind of nice, okay.

- And then we havethe two bars too,

so we definitely wantto utilize the bar.

- And we were thinking,like, in front of the bars,

like, three men, G-strings,bow ties.

- Girl, bye. Oh, my.

- But wait, but wait, Angel.No, and on that side, women.

- My mom's gonna be here.

- Yeah, but that's okay becauseyou don't want it to be boring.

The women would be body paintedwith nipples.

- Girl, bye. No.- No?

- We were thinking moreCirque du Soleil, you know?

Something very--- Yes.

- They have body paint toothough.

- But not G-strings.- Yeah.

Jackie, what? We can't have,like, half-naked women

running aroundand men with their things out.

Like, you know,we just can't do that.

I want it to be the biggest,

the most talked-about partyin the city for real.

Like, I want them talking about,"Angel Brinks had

the banging, most popping partyin the city."

Like, no, for real,this has to be huge.

- You want memorable? You gotto do memorable [bleep].

Why don't you bring in a tiger?

Are you afraid of tigers?

- You guys, like, seriously.

- Put it in the cage right inthe middle of the [bleep] floor.

You're talking about you wantto be over the top.

You need a [bleep] tiger,

and it needs to roarduring your party.


- We just don't want it tobecome a Jackie Christie thing.

- Okay, I won't make--

- And it's starting to feelthat way, so.

- Okay, I'm sorry.- We like the tigers.

- No, you like--like, [roars]?You like that? You do?

- No, a littleless than that, but.

- We'll talk about it.- I mean--

- [roars]- See just--you're scaring me.

- Oh, wait, oh, wait,a monkey, a monkey.

We got to have a monkey.- Oh.

- Look. [hoots]

- Has Jackie lost her mind?

Monkeys and tigers and lionsand bears,

like, this is not a safari.

This is a very seriousparty here.

Now I'm really starting to worry

that Jackie's gonna bringher craziness to the party.

I'm, like, really nervousbecause if it's not,

like, organized,I'm gonna have a fit.

We got to have a lot of liquor.- I'll bring cases.

You tell me how manyyou think you guys need.

So you got Bossard. You guys are Debbie downers.

You got to get with the program.

I'm talking aboutshutting the city down.

We got to have the tiger.

We got to have the peoplein the G-strings.

I'm gonna bring my Bossardcognac, and we're gonna turn up.

- Five years is a big thing.

Some people don't make itafter six months.

- That's why it's so important.

Like, I feel likeI want it to be,

like, the talked-aboutparty, not in a bad way.

- It will.

- Not with no naked menand that kind of stuff.

Like, I want it to be, like,awesome.

I don't feel like it's close.

I have put a lot of work in my career,