• Season 5, Ep 7

Tami Doesn't Have Time For Duffey

The auditions for Jazz's music video turn out to be a hot mess. Tami does not have time for Duffey to be messing the video up for Jazz, so things get heated between the two.

08/21/2016 ยท 3:29

I just want to talk to y' all,

and everyone else can exitright now.

You stay, 8.2, you can go.

If you would all give meyour information,

I will give y'all a callon who we decide to choose.

- I've been in the game for about 21 years now,

been to a lot of auditions.

You call people in one at a time.

You let them do their thing

and call back the people that you're interested in.

Duffey handled the auditionsunprofessionally.

Okay, so you gotthe information?

- Yes. I haveeveryone's information.

Oh, yeah.

- Oh, no.

We have all of yourinformation,

so if we do do something else,

we will contact youfor auditions.

- Thank you for coming in,sweetie.

- I feel so bad.

- Well, the reasonyou felt bad is because--

see, I come from this world,

and so I've been ona lot of auditions

from an acting standpoint,but I just think it--

there was no structure,and when you have castings--

you know, like,we had one group sitting here

watching the other group.

Then you brought those peopleback, and I--

like, for me, if I had beenat an acting audition,

I would feel so bad

because it happenedright in front of everybody.

- Well, that's how they doin dancing auditions.

I know you do acting,but I've done music videos,

and this is the way it goes.It's like, they're okay.

Tami thinks thatI should have had one dancer

come in at a time,but hey, this is Hollywood.

They do auditions all the time.

It's either you're good enoughor you're not.

If you're a dancer, I wantto put you on the spot,

and I want to seehow you perform.

- I feel like you could havepresented yourself better.

The people didn't even knowwhat the video--

or what they were dancingfor in the beginning.

- Well, it doesn't matterwhat you feel like--

- Actually, it does--actually, it does matter.

Actually, it does matter.- I did this for free.

I broughtall of these people that came.

And the first thing that you dois tell me what you don't like.

- Well, I posted the flyer.Jazz posted the flyer.

Everybo--it wasa collective effort.

- Oh, you posted the flyerthat you thought was bad?

- Yes, I did because I said Iwasn't gonna step on your toes,

and I was gonna let you dowhat you deem necessary to do.

- But this is foryour daughter's career,

so you should make sure,as her manager,

that everything is right,

so if you feltlike I was unprofessional--

- And that'swhy I had some people here.

- You should have stepped in.You should have stepped in.

- People herethat we actually picked.

- Okay,you should have stepped in.

Oh, okay.Oh, now--now you do?

- I do plan on debutingthis music video for Jazz

within a few weeks,so I knew that I needed to

take it upon myself asthe momager

to make sure thatwe had some bringers there

'cause I don't got time

for Duffey to be [bleep]this up for Jazz.

- So this is the thanks I getfor putting this together?

- It's not about a thanks.If your heart ain't in it

and you don't want to do it,don't do it.

- Clearly my heart is in it.I volunteered to do it.

- Okay, well, then whatthe [bleep] are we discussing?

- That after we pickeda great group of people,

your first thing is,

"Everything didn't gothe way that I liked it."

I feel like that was rudeand that was very inconsiderate

considering everythingI've done,

is I've done out of the kindnessof my heart,

and it's not nothingI'm getting paid for.

- I'm not gonna kiss your ass

because you didwhat you said you were gonna do.

- Sweetheart,I'm in this industry--

- Don't call me sweetheart.Don't call me sweetheart.

- I don't need you to tell--

- Don't call me sweetheart.- I don't need you to tell me--

- Don't call me sweetheart.

- So you can't call peoplebitches around here.

You can't call peoplesweethearts around here, like--

- Yeah, please do notcall me sweetheart,

'cause I'm not your sweetheart.

Duffey's definitelyaggravated,

but I just want herto stay in her seat,

keep it cute,don't put your hand up

because all of that [bleep]will cause you

to get popped in your [bleep]face 'cause guess what?

I'm just as aggravated as you.