• Season 5, Ep 7

Jackie and Brandi Have A Bonding Moment

Brandi gets to see another side of Jackie. It seems like Doug brings out the best in Jackie.

08/21/2016 · 3:55

Doug is a Taurus.He can be stubborn sometimes,

and it hurts my heart.

I go in the room,and I just sit there

and be like,"Why is he so stubborn?"

but at the same time.he's so loving.

He's such a gentleman.He's a great father.

You look at allthe things that they're doing

that you love,and you focus on those,

and I'm sure he's doinga lot that you love.

When you speak of him, your eyeslight up, you know?

So don't blame yourself,and it feels like to me

that when Jason doeswhatever he does,

it's hurting you'cause you're feeling like

it's something you'redoing wrong, and it's not.

- While we're talking, it feels normal

to be around other couples,

and it makes me missthe bond of Jason and I,

but it's just--I don't know how to forget.

We're at our worst.

Like, we don't get along,you know what I mean?

- You don't get along?

- We don't--he gets along with me.

I don't get along with himbecause I look at his past.

Like, if you truly love me,you just need to do better.

- Yeah.- That's all.

- It's like a scared little kidthat just wants you to say,

"It's okay, baby.I'm gonna--

even though it's hard for me,I'm gonna be there for you,"

and you don't have to makea decision right away.

- I know he missesthe softer side of me.

- Right.

- It's just hardfor me to get there.

- That's right.Just try, just one word, like,

"Hey, I love you,"simple as that.

Leave it at that. It startsmaking him start feeling like,

"Even though I [bleep] up,she's not judging me,

and that's my best friend,and I can fix it,"

and he will start changing.

- It starts with love.

If you love her,you make her your queen,

and then from there it'sjust what you're willing to do.

When I grew up, I didn't have

my mom and my dadin the same household.

I was more like my dadfor a lot of my life

until I decided to break thecycle and say, "You know what?

"I'm gonna be the man of thefamily, and I'm gonna take care.

I'm gonna show my kids--"

'cause my dad was morelike the old me, you know?

My dad would be wildand [indistinct],

so growing up that's in you,but if we don't--

as people, if we don'tbreak the cycle, it's--

the cycle is just goingto continue.

- Exactly.- You know what I'm saying?

- I try to accomplish a goallike in being on the court

of getting the most rebounds,this and that,

the same thing at home.

Like, we'll seeif I can accomplish this goal

of pleasing her today,of being more loyal

and being more opento talk to her, stuff like that.

- See, that's a good thing

because that'sa athlete's mindset,

and what we dois we problem-solve.

On the court you problem solve.

In your relationship,it's no different.

- Yes, yes.

- I secretly want him to gettogether, but I don't know.

- I have no idea what Jason and Doug are talking about.

I just know that right now with Brandi,

I'm having a bonding moment with her.

We're eye to eye.

There's no other girls around,and it feels right.

It feels like something I wish we would have done

a long time agobecause now I feel like Brandi

has let her guard down,

and she's letting me in,and vice versa.

- I appreciate it.Like, this is something

that I always wanted to--

not just to talk aboutrelationship issues,

but I've always wantedto, besides the other girls,

like, have a real relationshipwith you.

- Thank you.

- And see, because I knowthere's a softer side of you.

- Oh, yeah.- And I know it's like--

no disrespect, like, a motherlyjust caring side of you,

and I just don't seenothing else,

but you [indistinct]with the girls.

[both laughing]

Jackie is a whole other woman.

Like, she's totally different.

When she's with Doug, she's smart.

She makes sense.

I wish Doug was around herall the time.

Give me a hug.I love you, Jackie.

- I love you.

After talking with Brandiabout her troubles with Jason,

it does make me concernedas Doug might be going away

for an extended period of timewith his new job,

and I just don't wantthe same issues

with our relationshipthat they're experiencing.