• Season 5, Ep 12

If Duffey Is Going Portugal, Tami Will Does Not Want To Be There

Jackie tells Tami and Brandi about the trip to Portugal. Tami doesn't want to go if Duffey will be there, to avoid things getting physical.

09/25/2016 · 4:00

- Hello. - Hey.

- Hi, guys. - Hey.

- I'm getting spoiled lately.

I mean, first Doug tells me he'ssending me on a trip

to Portugal, and I can inviteall my friends?

- Hello, hello, hello.

[all speaking at once]

- And now he's got Reggie here, and they're cooking dinner

for Tami, Brandi, and I.

How lucky can I get?

- Damn, Jackie.What is this?

You couldn't mix thiswith nothing?

- You want something?It is cognac.

- Like, it went to straightto my nose.

- Girl, this is gonnaclean out your sinuses.

This is gonna get you right.


[fire alarm beeping]

- Look.- Oh, oh, no.

I don't want it.I don't want it.

I knew these mother[bleep]didn't know how to cook.

I'm sorry, Doug.- That don't mean nothing.

- That means some [bleep]is burnt, Doug.

- Do you--do you eat,like, smoked meat?


- Okay, see?What?

Right.Come on.

- I can't hold it in no longer,

so I'm gonna tellyou guys something.

[dramatic music]

I've been through a lotin the last year,

and my husband has beenan amazing husband,

and he feels like I've beenthrough so much,

he wanted to surprise meand send me and my girls

on a trip.

- Oh!- Hmm.

- So he wants to send us to--

- The Bahamas?

- Mexico.

- See if you all know whenI do this.

[clears throat]

- Girl, we going to Islam?


- Afghanistan?- Where we going, Afghanistan?

- Portugal!

[all screaming]

- Yes, bitches!

Will you go?- Yes!

- Will you go, Tam--- Who going?

- And Tami had to askthe killer question.

I'm gonna invite everyone.

- Who's everyone?

- Shaunie, Malaysia, Duffey.

- I'm thinking it over.

Hey, listen, I don't wantto toot my own horn,

but I been beating bitchesa long time,

and Duffey will just be addedto the list.

I'm trying to elevate myself,not get into problems

with people, and I know that megoing on vacation with Duffey

is going to be just that.

- What are you so mad atwith her?

- That she disrespectedmy daughter.

- Okay.

So with her apologizing to Jazz,you don't feel like that

there's room for just--

- The reason that's a issueis 'cause I don't know

if it's genuine.

- I really wish that you wouldsit down and talk to her,

at least hear her out.

That's all you have to do.

- I don't feel I needto do that.

- Duffey had apologized to Jazz.

Bitch, Tami, let's get over it.

I mean, look, this is a freemother[bleep] trip.

I wouldn't let one person ruina good moment and a good trip.

- This is good.

- I need you there, Tam.I need you there.

- I don't feel I need this.- You talk about Portugal, girl.

We can get nakedand ride in a boat.

- What?

- It's freedom there,freedom like--

unlike the United States,honey.

- I don't needthat much freedom.

- Oh, hell, no.- We gonna have fun.

It's a different situation.

We gonna come out of ourcomfort zone.

- I'm not about to do that.

- I want us to all be nakedtogether.

I just want to sit therejust naked.

- I'm not gonna be naked.

I'm not gonna be nakedbecause I've been shaving

for so many years and I got somerazor bumps on my cooch.

I just started waxing.- Our men is gonna be here.

Come with me.

Come with my on this journey,Tami, please.

- Tami, look at her.

I'm begging you, please.

This is important to me.

Let's go.

- I just reallydon't want to feel the pressure

of having to go on vacationand spend time with Duffey,

and I'm trying to protect herfrom being injured,

and I'm trying to protect myself

from catchinga mother[bleep] case.

- I promise, I'll keep you onone side and her on the other.

You won't ever have to seeDuffey.

- Well, I'm thinking it over.

- [sighs]