• Season 5, Ep 11 · Bonus

Tami’s Daughter Performs

Jazz performs one of her songs at her video release party, and gets the crowd moving. Tami sees herself in jazz when she’s performing.

09/25/2016 · 1:58

[music playing]

Can I have everybody--


bring it on in.

We came here this eveningto turn it up with Jazz.


All right, so, firstI just want to say,

thank you all for coming out.

Means a lot to me.

So, I want to start withan original, something

that's very dear to my heart.

[music playing]

--[bleep] is kind ofcrazy, it's hard to admit.

You came into my lifeand now I can't forget.

I met you when I was 13.

See, I met you when I wasvulnerable, so I was searching.

But now I'm so in love,I'll beep into it.

So now everyday, it'slike I got to prove it.

They got to havemeanness about you,

they asking if I'm serious.

You my best high, nowmaybe I ain't delirious.

[music playing]

I'm watching mydaughter on stage,

it's even better thanshe had rehearsed it.

I think that Jazz reallyhas what it takes,

and I think she hassomething different.

She has the lyrical content,she has the stage presence.

And I think she hasthe ability to keep

the crowd hype and everybodyenergizing and into her.

[music playing]

Jazz is killing the stage.

I can't stop dancing,I got heels on

and I'm about hurtmyself, because I

just want to just move.

[music playing]


I was just soexcited and so proud.

It made me think about when Iwas, you know, with my group,

and, you know, I was rapping.

People laugh about it,but I had that same type

of intensity when I performed.

And I can see thatin my daughter.


Thank you, guys.