• Season 5, Ep 11

Jackie Brings Brandi To Her Weight Loss Procedure

Jackie wants to look better for her husband. She's brings Brandi along as she attempts gets rid of her FUPA.

09/25/2016 ยท 3:26

Are you nervous?- I am scared to death.

- What is this?- This is all of my stuff.

- You sleep with a--how old are you?

- I'm really into gettingmy body in tip-top shape.

With Doug out here on the road

and all these gorgeous womeneverywhere,

I really want to look goodfor my husband

and for myself.

I tried to wear body shapers,

and it just didn't work, so I feel like

now is the time to try a different way.

Whatever it takes,I'm willing to do.

I'm ready.

See?All that's gonna be gone.

- Okay, let me have you sit downfirst, just check you.

Okay, let's pull this down

so I can seethe whole loveliness.

Let me just take a peek.

So the machinebasically does this.

- Oh.- So what I'll be doing

is going around pinching you...- Okay.

- Just to make sure.- Okay.

- And then you gotthis thing up here

that I kind of don't like.- But is that muscle,

or is that--- No, it's not muscle.

- You say that.That's wrong.

- Okay, I'm bringingyou back up, okay?

- Okay.She said this--

I thought that was muscle.

- Why would you thinkthat that's muscle?

- I--'cause it looks like itin my pictures.

I posted it, like,look at my muscle.

My six-pack's coming in.- Okay, don't ever

do that again.

- What the hell?

All these years I thought

that was the beginningof my six-pack,

so I'm disappointed.

Oh, my God, it's pulling, wait.- Yeah, it pulls.

- Wait, wait, wait, whoa, whoa.- It's supposed to.

Relax, relax, relax.- It hurts--it hurts, no, no.

- I know.- It'll go numb in two seconds.

- Relax.

You need it.- [whispering] Brandi.

- No, you're okay.

- My Lord Jesus, help me.

- What did Doug sayabout you getting it?

- He wasn't against it because Itold him all about Dr. Nazarian.

I said, "That could bea Sunday."

I showed pictures.I pulled up her Instagram.

He was like,"Oh, my God, she's gorgeous.

Really? She's a doctor?"I said, "Yeah."

So we kind of arguedabout that a little bit.

- Oh, that's so sweet.

- He was like, "I'm just saying,

"usually doctorslook like doctors.

She looks like she could mo--"Wait, my heart.

I think my heart is involved.- No, your heart's fine.

- Are you sure?Wait, no, I'm serious.

Like, for real, Dr. Nazarian.It's grabbing, like, the wrong--

- You're okay.- Are you sure? You're positive?

- I'm positive.- Brandi, Brandi.

- [laughing]Relax, relax, relax.

- Come here, let me show you.Your heart is right here.

It's grabbing up in here.

That's not funny, Brandi.That is not funny.

- I'm not laughing--I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- Oh, my God.I don't think I want--

- Remember these?- Yes.

- So I'm just gonnalet you hang out,

and we'll come check on youevery once in a while,

and you let us know.

- Thank you.- Okay? You're welcome.

- And if there's any emergency,I can just holler?

- Holler.- You guys can hear me? Okay.

This is a lot to go through,

so Doug better break meoff something really nice,

like, Mandingo warrior nice.

Well, listen,I happened to see Tami.

I had her come with me...- Really?

- To buy some body shapers.Yes, her and Malaysia.

- Is she mad?

- She said thatthe part got her--

that got her upset was whenDuffey looked at her child,

looked to Jazz and said,"I work with real artists.

I'm doing you a favor."

You don't do thatto a woman's child.

- What made Duffey say that?

- Because Tami was like,"It's not organized.

"The dancers don't havethey stuff.

You know what?At this point forget it."

Duffey went ballistic.

Duffey told Tami,"You know what?

"I don't want to beat your ass

in front of your daughter."

- So was Tami everdisrespectful to her?

- From what Tami has told us,

she never disrespectedDuffey at all.

- I understand when you getin a argument,

things get said, and, you know,everybody's mad,

but the storythat Jackie's telling me,

it doesn't sound like my Duffey.

I'm gonna have toget to the bottom of this.

I'ma talk to her.

[rapid beeping]- Wait.

[beeping continues]

Is something going on?

- "Thermal event detected.

Remove the applicator or gel."

[beeping continues]

- Help.