• Season 5, Ep 11 · Bonus

Can Tami Rap?

Jazz questions Tami’s record deal and Tami admits to not being the Beyoncé, but the Kelly of her girl group. Tami lets Jazz know that she and Jackie were royalty in the Basketball Wives circle in the 90’s.

09/25/2016 · 3:04

[music playing]

TAMI: Jazz and Iare going to screen

her video for the first time.

Hello.PROPANE: Hey.

Hey, Pro.

Hey, lady.

How are you?

But I wanted Jackie to come,because child I didn't know she

had a record label anda music background.

[jazz rapping on computer]

[all laughing]

See, you got the rhythm.

You and shortiedo the same dance.

[all laughing, chattering]

You look real stiff.

JACKIE: No, you can dance now.

PROPANE: Hey, didyou know she can rap?

JACKIE: Tami, you can rap?


Rap, Tami.


JAZZ: Who's your baby?

TAMI: I haven't rapped in years.


So you know, myskill set is lacking,

because I haven't beenworking that muscle.

All right, here we arechillin' in the studio.

Just played the video.

Now it's time to letgo, because Jazz is hot.

I don't know if you knew.

But she about to blow up,and I say [bleep] you.

[laughter, cheering]

That's what I'm talking about.

You know, I try to throwa little something together

on the spot, toentertain the people.

I'm ready for you to come.


Yeah, because you-

I will come and singsome background for you.

Okay, because you always sayyou were signed and stuff.

So I'm just-

I don't know why yoube trying to down play

the fact that I was signed.

This is what- This really pissesme off to the moon and back.

Because 1995...

JAZZ: You were assigned?

To '97.

We were signed.

Were you theBeyonce in the group?


In which way?

A singer?

Yeah, when she wasin Destiny's Child.

We had a lead singer.

JAZZ: So you werekind of like a Kelly.

I was more of the Kelly.

I was more of the Kelly.

Well Kelly's sexy, soyou was that sexy one.

I was more of the Kelly.

And you know, wecould've been in Vogue.

Oh, really?


You better respect me.

You better respect me.

JACKIE: You two are hilarious.

JAZZ: You do a lot.

You say you've done a lot.

I have.

I've pretty muchdone everything.

I'm sure Jackie cansay the same thing.

Like when you'retalking to your child.

I've done a lot.

Kids do not take us serious.

They think we're[bleep] crazy. [bleep]

Do you really understand thatyou are sitting, right now

in this room, with twoof the most high profile

basketball wives of that era?

Her husband was a star.

Yo daddy was a star.

If this was the '90sit'd be on and popping

for Tami and Jackie.

Our husbands wereon top of their game

and we were rightthere with them.

You're sitting withsome real royalty

right here, in terms of the NBA.

You better stop playing.

I'm sittin' withroyalty right now.

There it is.

And don't be fasiciouswhen you say it.

I'm not.

I'm serious.

Like, I gotta get a picture withy'all 'cause this is serious.

TAMI: I need a drink.