• Season 5, Ep 12

Doug Has A Surprise For Jackie

Doug surprises Jackie with a trip to Portugal. Doug wants her to bring all the ladies with her.

09/25/2016 · 4:00

- I'm just--I feel excited'cause we haven't had

this kind of time in a while.

- Tonight Jackie and I are going out on a date,

and I have a hugeanniversary-related surprise

in store for her.

Here's to us.

I love you,and a beautiful evening

with plenty of surprises.

- What kind of surprises?

- It wouldn't be a surprise.Whoo-ee.

- It's good, huh?

- Yeah, that's all right there.

- Baby?- Mm-hmm.

- Tell me how it's been for youbeing away.

- It's been a little tough,but as far as work goes,

that's been fantastic.

- I feel like I'm ecstatic,and I feel like this is

an opportunity that we've talkedabout, we've dreamed about,

and now it's actually happening,but at the same time

I just feel likeI miss you guys.

It's a beautiful eveningas I'm able to sit here

and speak with my husband,tell him how I'm feeling,

really vent to him not on the phone,

not on Facetime.

I can actually lookinto his eyes and tell him

how I'm feeling.

Now, let me tell you somethingas your wife.

This is a very, very importanttime of my life.

We talking about 20 yearsof marriage with you,

and now my husband's back outthere in the field,

and you're gone all the time.

- We go through this,and you tell me this,

and we go back and forth--

- Do you thinkthat I'm attractive?

- Yes, you're attractive.

That ain't a--- Even at the size I am now?

- Yes.- With the fupa?

- Is that what it's called?

- Here we go, folks.We're gonna begin dinner.

- Thank you.- Appreciate it.

- I don't know if you reallywant to hear what I'm about

to tell you while we eat,but I even had a colon cleanse.

- Honey, what?

- When I look at things thatI want for me, being in shape,

this is something that I haveto focus my time on

while you're gone.

- And I'm gladthat you said that.

- I really want to do this.

I want to show him.

He always tells me, "A healthybody is a happy body,"

and that's where I want to be.

So I heard you went outwith Chani.

She called me and told methe other day that you and her

went somewhere, but she stillis keeping me in the dark

about everything that's going onand stuff with our wedding

and everything else.

- You don't needto know everything.

- Doug and I get married everyyear to celebrate our love

for each other, and this yearmy daughter and my husband

is planning it,and I have no idea

when it's gonna be, where it's gonna be,

how it's gonna be,and they won't let me

be any part of it, and I don'tknow what the hell is going on.

What's the color scheme?

I would like to know.- See?

- I need to buy a dress.- You can wear black.

- What kind of music?What kind of food?

- I'm gonna go to the bathroom.- You gonna use the restroom?

- I got to go.- Okay.

- All right.Too much wine.

She's asking way too manyquestions about this wedding,

and I need to distract her.

Time for the surprise.


- What?

[romantic music]

- [laughs]

- Will you marry me?- Oh, my God.

That's the sweetest thing.

Oh, my God.

- My knee's hurting, so you needto answer my damn question.

- Of course!

I will marry you 1,000 moretimes, God willing we're here.

- It's all right.

- Yes.

"Babe, thank you for allthe love and understanding."

- That is kind of summingeverything up

because you're giving me loveand understanding for me to do

what it is that I want to do,so I want to send you

and your girls on a trip

to Portugal.

- Portugal?You're playing.

Who?What girls?

- Your friends, all thesefriends that you got, okay?

It's, what, six of them,okay?

That's a little bit--that's a little bit of a dent

in the pocketbook.

- Portugal, babe?- Yes.

Now, I'm not goingon that one.

- No, you have to go.- Ah, ah, see?

Now, you got to listen.You got to listen.

- Portugal?Wait, wait.

- You got to listen.- Portugal?

- Portugal.

- Wait, Portugal,where there's Portuguese?

- Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal.

- Oh, my God.

- I want you to relax,go to the beach, have fun,

have some drinks, unwind, okay?

So then when you come back,you and the girls,

you guys are gonna all come,and we're gonna do

the wedding together.

- Thank you.

- Love you.