• Season 5, Ep 12

Malaysia + Brandi Address Duffey

Malaysia and Brandi feel that Duffey should talk to Tami. Duffey doesn't not feel like she owes Tami an apology. Duffey gets emotional when telling Brandi and Malaysia the sacrifices she had to make to build her career as a DJ.

09/25/2016 · 2:24

[dramatic music]

- She can't have her mommanage her

and be doingghetto-ass stuff like that.

- That is not your place.That's not your place.

- That's her mom, butI really think that you should--

- It's my opinion, and she gonnaget it, like, regardless.

- That's the problem.- You can't give her--

- That's the problem.- You can't give your opinion.

- I'm going to do it.

- Because that's notyour daughter.

I'm not--I think youshould just apologize.

- You should just killone situation at a time.

- I worked myself up by myself.I didn't have my mom.

I didn't have nobody helping me.

I did everything on my own.

- Yeah.

- I worked for this.

I worked my butt off.

I'm a female DJ in the hip-hopgame, and I'm at the top,

and I did thatby my [bleep] self, okay?

- Yeah.

- So for her mom to make me feellike I'm not professional

or I'm not good enoughwhen I worked my ass off

to get where I'm at?

That hurt me.

So you want to make me lookunprofessional, have people

coming up to me in the industrybeing like, "Oh, you know,

what's going on?"

The people I'm trying to workwith, trying to make money with?

- Yeah.- That, to me, is--I was upset.

Nobody can discredit my feelingsand how I felt in that situation

because people don't understandhow hard I worked to get

where I'm at, and for you to tryto go through all of this

and make meseem unprofessional--

- No, it's okay.No, no, no, no, no.

- Get off of me.Get off me, Brandi.

- It's okay.No, no.

I don't want you to cry.No, no, no, no, listen.

- No.- I don't want you to cry.

- Because nobody getsthis part of it.

- No, I get it, I get it.- Nobody gets it.

I was a single mom with nothing,with no money in my account,

and I spent all my moneyon DJ equipment

'cause I believedin my dream, okay?

I worked hard, and that wouldhave been the best video

Jazz would have ever had in herlife, I'm telling you.

I don't discredit the factthat I hurt Jazz's feelings,

and I'm sorry for that, but Tamineeds to take responsibility

that she should have never hadher daughter in that situation

if she knewthat's what she wanted to do.

- I feel that conversation needsto be with you and Tami.

Your main approach with Jazzis just to be like, "I'm sorry.

"You're awesome.You're great.

"I wish you nothingbut the best,

and I did not mean to hurtyour feelings by any means."

- That is what I will do.

It's hard sometimes when your friends tell you

that you're wrong, and I agree.

I think I need to apologizeto Jazz,

but when it comes to Tami, Ireally don't feel like I should.

She's wrong and I feellike we're gonna have to deal

with this at some point.