• Season 5, Ep 12

Duffey Apologizes To Jazz

Duffey wants to make things right with Jazz, so she meets with her to apologize for hurting her feelings.

09/25/2016 · 2:43

- Jazz.

Today I'm meeting with Jazz.

I'm not gonna lie.

I'm a little bit nervous of howshe's gonna approach me.

Is she gonnaactually hear me out?

- Okay.

- Hopefully we get some kind of resolution

about this whole situationbecause I don't want

all the girlsgoing around saying

that I hurt Jazz's feelingsanymore.

[dramatic music]

It's been killing me.

I, like, met with Brandiand Malaysia,

and they were saying, you know,I really hurt you

and things that I said,and I was like, "Wait,

"I had no issue with Jazz.

It really didn't have anything,you know, to do with Jazz."

I was just put ina uncomfortable situation,

and if I did say somethingthat offended you

or made you feel like I--I don't think you're amazing,

like, I do.

That was not my intent.

- I have tough skin.

I've been doing this sinceI was, like, 14.

It's not an issue of, like,ooh, I was so hurt,

but what I didn't appreciatewas how you made the comments

about, you know, "I've workedwith these artists

and these artists." I was like--- See, and--

- You know, I felt likea charity case, like you was

kind of just doing it because--

- I really believe in you, and Ireally felt a connection.

- And that's the vibe I got atfirst when we first met,

so then when we met this timeat the fitting and all that

and you was kind of like,"I've worked with these artists.

- You want to knowwhat you missed?

- You made it seemlike you didn't care.

- You want to knowwhat you missed?

- Hmm?

- A lot of times me and your momwere together,

and we got intoit every time.

- See, but--see, but what--

- We bumped headsevery single time.

- See, but what you guys havegoing doesn't have nothing to do

with me as--you know.

- But that's why I wasso defensive.

- She's not here, so I don'teven want to discuss with that.

How you said you just wanted totalk from what we went through,

and I just feel like it wasa little--a low blow

'cause all them artistsyou named?

They started somewhere.

- Like, I hate that thishappened because at the end

of the day, me and youare both young women

trying to make itin the industry.

- Exactly.

- And little, dumb stuff that,like, could happen

could mess up our chancesto work with big people

and do things.

- Yeah, I understand that.- So, I mean, if I--if I--

what I--what I said offendedyou, which it clearly did,

I--I apologize.

- Right, I appreciate that,and I accept that.

At first I was like,"I don't really know

if it's gonna be genuineor not," but just hearing

you now, I feel like itis genuine, so the least

I could do is just tell my mom,like, "I'm good with her,

and I think y'all should reallysit down and talk,"

so she can hear it for herself.

- Yeah, good.

- Okay.

- I love your outfit.

- Thank you, yours too.

- I'm happy Jazz acceptedmy apology,

but I still needto talk to Tami.

I know we have to deal with itat some point, and I'm hoping

that Jazz puts in a good wordfor me and helps break the ice.

Just tell your momI'm awesome.

- If you make the shot.

- And tell her that it wasmiscommunication.

- If you make the shot.

- All right.