• Season 5, Ep 10 · Bonus

Duffey Wants To Create Her Own Song

Duffey wants to do something besides spinning tracks at the club. Duffey invites Jackie to help turn things up in the studio, as she records her first single.

09/18/2016 · 2:54

[music playing]

Jackie's here!


Turned up!

You cannot have a studio sessionwithout some good Cognac.

Oh my god, so what you gone do?

What you got going on?

Well I wanna have myfirst song as DJ Duffey.

I'm trying to do otherthings outside of just

spinning in the club.

And one of those thingsare creating my own songs.

Today, my main goal isto pick a beat and kind

of like a theme for the song.

And I need somebody to turn meup, somebody to have fun with.

So I decided to bringJackie out today.

Cheers to making a greatbeat, you guys, today.


I love it.

So you got thebeats ready for us?

Yeah, I'm ready.

[music playing]

Oh [bleep]!

Oh my god, I'm liking this one.

Do number two.

Bust it open for a real one.

This one's good right there.

Bust it open for a real one.

When you break itdown that's fun.

Yeah, Jack, that one.

Keep going.

Come on, Duffey, that's it.

You gotta help me.

Yeah, bust it open fora-- that right there.

Girl, everybody canidentify with that line.


We need to make French put aJackie Christie line in there.

YOUNGSTARR BEATZ:That'd be crazy, yo.

My bitch crazy likeJackie Christie.

JACKIE: Yeah, do that.

You putting that in there.

Oh my god, girl, uh-uh.

ALL: Bust it openfor a real one.

Oh, Doug'd love this.

My husband would be, like--

Jackie's the life of the party.

I knew she was going tobring some of that Bossard.

And I knew that she hadthe personality that didn't

mind getting in the DJ booth.

DJ Duffey, I got mygirl, Jackie Christie.

Say what's up, baby.

Yeah, that's me, baby. [grunt]


Bust it open for a real one.

Jackie wanna feel one.

Bust it open for a real one.

Big [bleep] is the best one.

Got a bad bitchlike Jackie Christie.

I'm Jackie Christie.

I got that Bossard, baby.

You know what I'mtalking about, right?

That's that real one.

Bust it down.

Yeah, baby!

We're having a blast.

Like, we are gonna havethe biggest song out when

it comes out on the radio.

Girl, you can[bleep] a real one.

Your diaphragm is endless.