• Season 5, Ep 10 · Bonus

Angel Love Wants To Be On Good Terms With Brandi

Brandi invites the Angels out to tell them about her event. Angel Love takes this time to squash the beef and thank Brandi for having her back at Brinks’s party.

09/18/2016 · 2:50

[music playing]

ANGEL BRINKS: Thisis pretty tasty.

ANGEL LOVE: What is this?

Vaporizers, basicallyan alternative

to smoking or hookah.


So tell him the flavors andthen he just picks it out?

This is good stuff.

This is hazelnut.

This is good.

Hold up.

Brandi invited me andAngel to this vape store.

I never vaped.

And wait a minute.

Brandi invited us?

The hell is going on with her?

I hope this ain't mess.

What's been going on with you?

Nothing, girl.

I'm just stressed out.

This whole Jackie situation is,like, bothering me, you know.

Because I talk to her a lot.

And for us to likenot talk at all,

go from talking all the timeto nothing, it kind of hurts.

Yeah, it's likelosing your friend.

It's like one of thosethings where, like, I'm mad,

and I'm sad.

And those two together isjust going to be emotional.

And I know if I run intoher, if I see her, you know,

I don't know howthat's going to be.

ANGEL BRINKS: Hey, Brandi.

Hey, guys.

ANGEL BRINKS: How are you?

How are you?

ANGEL BRINKS: You look all sexy.

ANGEL LOVE: Hey, girl.

How are you?

My intentions today are toinvite the Angels to my event.

What have you guys been up to?

I haven't seen yousince Angel's party.

And I just wantedto let you know

that, I want to say thank you.

I appreciate you stepping in.

And I do believe in sisterhood.

And what you didfor me was amazing.

And I know we kind ofgot off on a rocky start,

but I don't want tocontinue that with you.

Look, I haven'tgiven you a chance.

And then, it's just, I sawa woman that was in trouble.

And I know these women.

And I know how theyroll and how they rock,

and you was by yourself.

So at that moment,I felt bad for you.

And I get it.

You know what I mean?

And I just, I wantto say thank you.

And you didn't have to step up.

But I appreciate that.

And I respect you for that.

I don't want to continue,like, us beefing.

I just wanted to letBrandi know, hey, look,

I know what you did.

And I know we're atodds, but you showed

me a different side of you.

And I'm willing to showyou my other side, too.

You know what?

It's a lot goingon between y'all.

That little trio, y'allgotta figure that out.

Don't judge theselittle situations.

It's messy.

I'm not going to judge it.


I'm just gonna be cautious.

I'm inviting you guys to come.

Duffey and I aregrilling at the park.

And we're goingto, like-- we have

grills that we want to give youguys, so we can just have fun.

ANGEL LOVE: I appreciateyou inviting me.

No, the hell she didn't justcome in here and call us messy,

and then invitedus to her party.

If I'm so messy, I wouldn'twant a messy bitch at my party.

Bye, Angel.

I hope you guys come.

This was nice.I gotta run.

I wanna hear moreabout the grills!

You will love yours.

OK, I don't know whatthat's about, but OK.

You'll love it.


Thank you!