• Season 5, Ep 11

Angel Brinks Finds Out About January Sleeping With Tyreke

January tells Angel Brinks that she has slept with the father of her child. January believes Jackie wanted her to reveal her past relationsship with Tyreke Evans.

09/25/2016 · 4:03

- I think Jackiejust wants me to tell you

that I sleptwith your [bleep] baby's father.

- No, I didn't want youto do that.

- What?

This classless whore

slept with my baby's father?

January, February, March,whatever your name is, honey,

he must have hit iton a really drunk night,

because you, Boo-Boo,are washed up.

- Not when you guyswere together,

but I mean, I'm tryingto figure out

what you're tryingto get at, Jackie.

- Well, how did I get put inthe middle of the mother[bleep]?

- So--- She's trying to get to it.

- No.- So you come to a party

and just randomlybring up my baby's dad?

- No.

- Oh, my God, did I do that,really? Oops.

- What happened?What's going on?

- She's saying--she's sayingshe slept with my baby's daddy

before I was with him.- No, I didn't say before.

- That's what I'm saying,when we were not together.

- Are you together now?- No, we're not together.

- So what's the problem?- There is no problem.

If there was a problem,I would have slapped you

in the mother[bleep] face.That's the problem.

- Oh, right.- Yes, 'cause that's your--

all up in your [bleep].

- My girl, and whatever is about

to go down, I'm like, yeah.

I'm like, yeah.I'm just--

- You--I don't gotno problems with you.

Nobody has no problems with you.- We good. We good.

I'm just saying, but,like, anyway,

so we get to be dismissed,like, from this

because anybody--nobodyreally don't know...

[light instrumental music]

This right here, so why are we

standing here entertaining?

- I got to give my props to my girl Angel Love

for trying to haveAngel Brinks' back.

It was, like, the sorriest

"Girl, I got your back"

I have ever seen,

but you get a A for effort...

I guess.[laughs]

- You purposely--you purposely--- Hey, don't you dare, Angel.

- You purposely grabbed me

to let me know, for what?- Purposely my ass.

Jackie did not purposelydo anything.

- Jackie, you didn't say to mefive minutes ago,

"I think we should puteverything on the table

because we don't lieto each other."

- Yeah, I did.It was killing me.

Exactly, exactly.- Lie to each other for one--

- She knows how I am.- Who are you to her?

Who are you to her?- I don't know her.

I just met her.- In the sharing [bleep] circle.

- Just met her.Just met her just like the--

- I mean, are you happy aboutthat, that you got to pick?

[all speaking at once]

- Child, it looks like the teagot spilled after all,

so now I got to step my ass inand clean it up

before somebody breakthey [bleep] neck.

I did know because I didask her, "What's going on?

You know, did you sleep withKenny? Did you sleep with Shaq?"

I didn't think it was an issue.- Why your shoes off?

- Because my feet are hurting.- Oh.

- That's the only reasonI ever take them off.

I never take them offto fight somebody.

You can relay that.

So the only reason why

I asked you to come herewas to see my daughter.

Now, this whole otherconversation

that's happening right here?

I did know about her and him.

- Oh, you did?- I did know.

- However--- Prior to tonight

or to tonight?

- Prior to tonight.- Okay.

- But she has sleptwith a lot of people,

so I didn't think that itwas a major situation with her

'cause that's just her M.O.

- Here I am trying to bea supportive friend

to Tami and her daughter,

and you broughtthis [bleep] dump here

to tell me that she sleptwith my baby's father?

At what point did you thinkthat that was appropriate?

Jackie, for future reference,

I'm not with Tyreke,and I don't need to know

who he's been sleeping withor what's been happening.

I really don't need to know.- That wasn't what I told her

to share for.- I have a child with him,

and I'd like to keep it cordial.- Good, so you should redress

her with that.I didn't [bleep] Tyreke.

- I think you're addressingyour mother[bleep] anger

to the wrong person.- No, I'm not angry.

- And I don't thinkthat's what you want to do.

- I'm not angry.- You need to address

this mother[bleep] right here,because this is

the mother[bleep]that said it, not me.

- Now, I don't needto turn up, Angel.

- Jackie.- Don't [bleep] address me

with your bull[bleep].I'm not gonna take that.

- I'm--I'm being nice.- I was minding my own business

at Tami's baby's thing.- I'm being nice.

- I'm being [bleep] nice.- Don't need to tell her that.

- Deal with her, then.I didn't tell her [bleep]

'cause I didn't put her--no.- Can you be quiet?

- No, I won't.You already knew

what you was gonna [bleep] get.I was standing here being calm

with y'all.[bleep] deal with her ass.

- With y'all?- 'Cause that's who

the [bleep] him, not me.Don't put me

in that [bleep], Angel.It's wrong.

- Stop, stop talking.- Then you already know.

No, I'm not, no, 'cause nowyou done pissed me off.

- Okay, all right.- Quit trying to put me in--

- Okay, Jackie, okay.- Okay, Angel, okay.

- Putting you in--okay.- That's your [bleep] with her.

Deal with her.- I don't have [bleep]

with her, Jackie.- [bleep] fuss with the [bleep].

- I don't need to fuss with her.- Well, then don't

fuss with her, then.That's your mother[bleep]

that [bleep] him, not me.- Okay, Jackie, all right.

- Not me.- Thank you.

- Okay, uh-huh.