• Season 5, Ep 8 · Bonus

Malaysia Likes Them Long And Strong

Malaysia, Brandi, and Duffey have a girl’s night out. Duffey now sees why everyone thinks Malaysia and Brandi are more than friends.

08/28/2016 · 2:09

[music playing]

MALAYSIA: We about tohave so much fun tonight.

I feel it.BRANDI: Yes.

MALAYSIA: It feelslike a big night.

What, what, what, what?

MALAYSIA (VOICEOVER):Brandi and Duffey and I

are having a girls night out.

The plan is to looksexy, have some drinks,

eat, talk some [bleep].

The regular girl [bleep] that wedon't do as often as we should.

Tami is [bleep] bomb.

Tami's bomb as [bleep].

Bomb as [bleep].

DUFFEY: If I was gay, Iwould let Tami, you know--

You would let Tami?MALAYSIA: No, not me.

No, bitch.

You wouldn't [bleep] with Tami?You wouldn't [bleep] with Tami?

If you were gay?-No.

DUFFEY: Who would you[bleep] with in this group?

OK, if it's onlyus in this group.

Wait, no.-I'm not answering.



I'm not answering that.

DUFFEY: If it's only us girls--

I'm not answering it.

If you got to pick onegirl to be your girlfriend,

who you gonna pick?

MALAYSIA: I would never [bleep]with any of y'all bitches.

I would be like--[screaming]

I would be like--


See, that's why everybody--


That's why everybody say that.

[laughter]That's why everybody say that.

[laughter]MALAYSIA: I just [inaudible].

That's why everybody say that.

Malaysia, don't act like--


Malaysia, she chose you.

[laughter]MALAYSIA: Thank you.

Get [bleep] outta here.

If Brandi put her[bleep] in my face,

I'll be like-- well,she'll be looking at me,

I'll be looking at her.

She'll be looking at me,I'll be looking at her.

I'll be like, bitch,nothing's happening.

[laughter]Put your [bleep] clothes on.

I need a-- I needa long and strong.

I need some gimme good time.

A girl can do itlong and strong too.

It's like, called a strap on.

MALAYSIA: No, [bleep] that.

I don't want plastic.

I want meat.

But what if she [bleep]you out really good?

Boom, boom.

Like, make your legs go like--

Bitch, never.

Get your ass out of here.


I mean, 'cause men doit really good too.

They [bleep] and allthat other good stuff.

Oh, Cheers to that.

Every [bleep] Iknow [bleep] ass.


DUFFEY: We are not going to havea serious conversation here.

Yeah, he got tosneak down there.

It's good.



I can't wait to get home.


Yeah, when you get home, youjust-- just bush his head--

just push his head down there.


I'm going to be like--



Wrong direction.

No, like, you justgotta lift your butt up.

Be like--