• Season 5, Ep 7 · Bonus

Brandi Wants Jason To Step Up

Looks like Brandi and Jason are still on the rocks. The friendship is there, but can the rekindle the love?

08/21/2016 · 2:28

[music playing]

You feel comfortable withyour feet out like that?

What you mean?

Them things are gorgeous.

Don't play crazy with me.

You're trippin'.

Jason and I areat a point to where

it's kind of like a love-haterelationship, you know.

Like one minute, we're good.

The next minute we're not.

But at the end of the day,like, we're still separated,

but we're stillworking to co-parent.

So you know I gave you a timeframe to get your ish together.

So what have you been doing?

I've doing what I gotta do.

If I tell you what I'm doing,you're gonna be expecting it,

and you're not gonna believe it.

So I let it happen.

Let the actions speakinstead of the words.

So I got you.

We been married foralmost seven years.

We been knowing eachother since we was 16.

-Yeah, you right.-Well damn.

When I'm gonna get it, whenwe 70, we can't walk no more--

It happens in phases.

--and nobody's gonna likeyou no more, and my titties

gonna be to the floor.

Is that when?

No, it takesphases of marriage.

It takes phases.

It takes time.

So when am I gonnaget the good phase?

When you least expect it.

I feel like we haveour ups and our downs.

I feel like you needto have somebody

in your life like a mentor.

You should start, like, hangingout with Doug a little bit

more, and just-- you know.

They been married for,like, over 20 years.

I gotta respectthat, most definitely,

because we're going on seven.

You better hope that wemake it going on seven.

Because the way your assis acting, I don't know.

So I feel like youneed to talk to Doug,

and just hang out with him.

OK, I hear you on that.

I will.

He don't cheat.

He don't step outside.

He can't even look at a woman.

Your ass be having somewandering mother-freaking eyes.

So I'm just saying, like,you need to talk to somebody.

And take it serious though.

You laugh, and you smile,and you think it's cute.

I get it.

But I think you needto talk to somebody.

Because somebody is willingto take on to be a step-daddy.

But if that's what you want--If that's what you want--

I'm not threatening you.

I'm not either.

I'm not trying to hurt Jason.

But I'm trying to let him know,like, although we're friends,

I don't want him to getconfused that because we are

laughing that everything is OK.

Everything is not OK.

Because I'm missingthe love there.

I have a feeling we might bethis old couple that's not

together, not married,and we're gonna

be living in the same house.

Now that's old-school[inaudible] right there.

As long as you can handlemy new white man, I'm down.

All right.