• Season 5, Ep 8

Is Jackie Sane Or Insane?

Jackie gets a body energy scan to figure out what's going on with her mind and body.

08/28/2016 ยท 4:00

I don't know if it's somethingphysical or mental,

butsomething's just not right,

soI'm gonna get myself scanned

so I can see if my body energyis okay.

- Okay, I'll support you, girl.

- Girl. Hi.- Hi, how are you?

- I'm good.

- When I walk in, I see a machine.

I see computers, and Isee all this stuff,

and I'm like, "Are we doing alie detector test?

Like, whatexactly are we doing?"

- Anything I can do to find outmore about myself

and my body energy and all ofthat kind of stuff

would be beneficial.

- So this is gonna tell her whatnow?

- What it scans for those sevenseconds is your energetic field,

so everything you manifest inyour body,

whether it's physical,psychological, emotional,

or mental, it'salways surrounding you.

Scientifically, it's called themorphogenetic field,

but, you know, people who areinto yoga

and healing and meditation, theycall it the aura,

and it's avery real thing.

- Okay.

This therapist is explaining.

She's telling me, "Ican actually tell you

"if you have things going onwith your organs,

if your brain is okay,if your heart is okay,"

and I'mstarting to get real nervous.

Like, don't tell me if I'm gonnadie.

I don't want to know aboutdeath.

Keep that out of it.

- So I'd like you to place yourhand on the platform.

- [laughs]

- Now, keep it flat, and don'tmove.

This will be about sevenseconds.

[dramatic music]

- I am freaking out right now.

The results are about to be onthis big screen in front of us,

and I don't know what the hellthis woman's gonna tell me.

- All right, it's complete.You can remove your hand.

So the first thing in yourreport at a 100,

that's the signal strength,is a liver sarcoma,

so that's not something thatnecessarily means

manifested now, but it'sthe direction

the body would be going into.

- Liver sarcoma?

First of all, I don't even knowwhat that means.

So that means bad?

- Yes.- What?

- So that doesn't mean now, sothat should take a little bit

of the stress away, but--

- So if I just stop drinking,then it won't do that?

- If drinking is a problem, thenthat's something I would stop.

- Well, it's not a problem, butI'm saying they say--

- Drinking is a problem, so whatdoes she needs to do?

- I would stop.

- Honest to God, like, I havenever, ever been a drinker

until I got around a certaingroup of women.

- Are you serious?- And, like--

- Jackie doesn't feel that shehas a drinking problem.

Bitch, you lie.

She has a water bottle.It's not water.

She has a Coke.It's not Coke.

- When I'm not around thesewomen I don't drink.

- She see us, like, damn nearevery day,

so does she need tostop drinking?

- It would be easier to just--toremove the alcohol.

- Brandi's sitting here right now questioning me

and telling me that I need tostop drinking

because that's why I got thisliver sarcodomus.

That is not right.

I drink because I have todeal with you, Brandi,

and the rest of you women.

What else do you see?

- The signals that are apriority in this page right here

are parasites.

Parasites are basically livingbacteria in your body,

so for yours that came up,

it showed that there were wormsor--hookworms.

- Worms?- Yes.

- This therapist's telling meabout these worms

that's supposed to be swimmingaround in my body,

scaring the hell outof me right now.

- Girl, you can go and geta--colonics and get that out.

- What's colonics?

- Where they put that thing upyour butt,

and they scoop it out.

- Who puts a thing up your butt?- You can do it yourself.

They have, like, in-home kits.- You have a little tube, yeah.

- And it'll kill the bug?

- It's one of the best things todo to your body.

- And you lose a couple poundsoff of that too.

- Brandi blows my mind right now.

She's like, "They justslide the tube on in,

"and thennext thing you know,

and it's gonna splatter all overthe place," and I'm thinking,

"That don't sound like somethingI want to do."

- All right, so let's go throughthe psyche.

- Is Jackie sane or insane?

- So the first thing I see--

- Uh-oh, here we go.

- Traumatized by death.

- My mom, my dad too.

It's--girl, Ican't even think right now.

I'm pissed.

- Jackie's receiving all thisinformation,

and I know it's alot for her to take in,

and Doug's not around to be there

like he normally is, and he's the one to keep her balanced.

Nobody wants to be around theunbalanced Jackie, nobody.

- I'm gonna save this report.