• Season 5, Ep 7

Jackie Gets Emotional

Doug breaks the news to Jackie about his new job. Jackie is happy for Doug, but LA won't be the same without her bestfriend.

08/21/2016 ยท 2:35

- Baby?

- Babe, I'm in here.

I got your text.What is it?

- You're looking at a new coach.

- What? You're kidding.What?

- Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

- I am totally shockedright now.

My husband has just told me

that he is definitely gonna takethe job in Sacramento.

- Yeah. Ha.

- It's a done deal.

- You're not excited?- I'm excited.

- Well, you don't look excited.

- I mean, I thoughtwe were gonna wait.

I thought maybe we were gonnathink about it a little longer

and kind of talk about ita little bit more and--

- Well, we did. I mean, how muchtalking do you want to do?

It's time for some action.- Can't you coach from here?

Can't you just call themand give them some plays?

Do you have to, like,be there with them?

- Yeah.- You have to?

- Yeah.

It doesn't work that way,but you know that already.

- I mean, I'm excited for you

'cause I know thisis a once-in-a-lifetime thing,

but I'm overwhelmed.

When are they expectingyou to come?

What's the next move?What do we do? What--I mean--

- Well, the next moveis gonna be go up,

like, most likely tomorrow.

- Tomorrow?- Yes.

- So that means you--

- Got to pack and get Dougie'sstuff together and...

- Babe.

I didn't realizethat it was so soon.

I'm very sad.

It means Douglas being with his dad.

He homeschools him,

so my son wouldn't be with me as much.

I'm gonna be in L.A. alone.Like, this is new for me.

I'm gonna be away from myhusband and my best friend.

That's all I know.

When you go away nowfor a couple days?

- Yeah? See, well, that--- It's cool,

'cause you come back ina few days, but this is like--

- Yeah, but that was, like,prepping

so you'd get to seehow it'll be,

but the good thing isyou can jump on a flight,

and it's only right there.- Are you gonna miss me?

- Yeah, of course.

- You're good at what you do,and I'm happy for you,

but you can understandhow I feel?

- I--I understand.

- But I'm not gonna getemotional.

- Well, you are 'cause you are.- I'm not.

I'm not gonna get emotional.

I'm not even sad.Look, I'm not.

- I'm looking.

Yeah, you sure don't look sadright now.

- And I'm not sad.[cries]

I don't know what I'm gonna do.

This is great for him.

I'm happy for him, butat the same time

I'm stressed out completely.

I don't know what'sgonna happen--I don't know.

I don't know what I'm gonna do.This is terrible.