• Season 5, Ep 7 · Bonus

Tami Brings Her Daughter To Planned Parenthood

Tami is back at it again with the sex talk, but this time she’s going to Planned Parenthood to educate her daughter Lyric.

08/21/2016 · 3:20


LYRIC: Oh, so you'recoming here so you can do

the, um-- for your fertility?

No, I was bringing you here.

To Planned Parenthood?


But I had alreadydiscussed with you

that I wasn'thaving sex, and I'm

trying to wait until marriage.

That's what I'm doing.-I understand that.

But I'm---It's called being abstinent.

What I'm saying isthat you're in college.

You're away from home.

If there's a moment,and things gets tricky,

I want you to justbe knowledgeable.

That's all.

My daughters are both tryingto stick to their vows

of abstinence and purity.

And I'm supportivein those efforts.

But I know thatreal life sometimes

can take a different turn.


ALLISON WILLIAMS: I hearyou want to hear about

some birth control options.

Um, it's not necessarily me.

She actually-- I didn'tknow I was coming.

She just kind ofbrought me here.


Because I'm notcurrently sexually active,

so I just didn't reallyfeel like it was necessary.


But it can be empowering justto kind of know all options,

all resources, solater on in life,

you know where you cango, and you how they work.


You know, nowadays,a lot of young adults

are saying thatthey're abstinent.


But then they'rehaving oral sex.

But there are a lot of STDsthat can be passed along

just from oral sex, right?


So any type of intercourseor exchange of bodily fluids

can put someone at riskfor transmitting an STD,

like oral sex.

So do you have an idea ofwhat the bodily fluids are?


Saliva's actually not a fluid.

-It's not?-Yeah.

So that's a commonmisconception.

So someone can't getan STD from like--


No, not from kissing.

You can't getherpes from kissing?

If someone had a coldsore on their mouth

that could betransmitted by kissing.

What about chlamydia?

If somebody hasoral sex, and then

they go to kiss you afterthey have been with somebody

that had chlamydia--

Why do you haveall these scenarios?

TAMI: I'm just trying--LYRIC: It's so weird.

I'm, you know, I'm tryingto do myth versus fact, here.

At least I can say about Kenny--he might have cheated a couple

thousand times, but hedidn't bring nothing

home that he didn't leave with.

I thank him for that.

So can people usecondoms if they give,

like-- if someone wereto give someone oral?

Totally, yeah.

So for mouth to penis, they'dwant to use a male condom.

For mouth--

Then you mightas well not do it.

You need to wait untilyou have a partner.

No guy is going to wantyou to put a condom on it

and then [bleep] it.

I don't want it-- itdoesn't feel the same-- guys

say that all that the time.

You got playedback in your day.

You know what--

She knows everything.

I know every scenario--

She knows every scenario.

--known to man.

The way that I livemy life is I try

to keep it 100 all the time.

But there's nothing that cansurvive in the mouth, i.e.

this scenario.


Don't bring in scenariosbecause I feel--


--like they're alittle too personal.

No.No, no.

I'm just making sure.

Somebody did oralsex on this female.

Now they got HPV in the-- intheir mouth, in their throat.

Now they go out on a datewith Tami, let's just say.

And we kiss at theend of the night.

Tami can't get it?

ALLISON WILLIAMS: No, it shouldbe-- under my understanding,

kissing's a very, verylow risk behavior.

So if I got a cavity?

A cavity?

No, I don't think acavity would be a way

for an STD to be transmitted.

But that's some heavy-dutykissing if they're reaching,

like, your cavity, ifyou can put it that way.

Well, I don't want tohave this moment with you

in Planned Parenthood.

I don't either.

TAMI: It's justTMI for this lady

here to know about your momma.