• Season 5, Ep 8

Tami + Reggie Want To Have A Baby

Tami and Reggie are ready to have children, but Tami can't seem to carry out a pregnancy. She doesn't know if she can handle another miscarriage.

08/28/2016 · 3:58

we get pregnant, and we can'tmake it past

the first trimester.

We'vehad three miscarriages.

Reggie wants a baby really badly,

and I would like to be able togive that to him.

- So you're obviously herebecause you're having

a hard time getting pregnant.

- Yes.

- She's not having a hard timegetting pregnant.

You know, I'm shooting it upand not missing.

- Oh, I don't need to hear that.

- And I'm sorry, Lyric.

- I literally don't want to hearthat.

- I'm not missing.

- Have you been trying to getpregnant?

- Well, we've been pregnantthree times.

- You're gonna be 46.

I don't want to remind you.

- Yes.- And you look great, but--

- Although you did just remindme.

- I did, but you're gonna be 46in a month or so, three weeks.

Okay, very unlikely for someonehealthy like

you who's never hadproblems, who's--

to have three miscarriages.

More likely thisis related to embryo quality.

Because of age, you're makingeggs that are not

genetically normal that areresulting in miscarriages.

- What the doctor's saying to meis really an eye-opener.

I never thought that people actually had bad eggs,

so that was news to me.

- So what are your options asfar as treatment?

One, we're gonna keep trying,and if next month

I have a normal egg, I'llhave a baby,

or you could do in vitrofertilization.

What I'mwarning you about is that

there's a good chance you neverproduce a normal embryo,

and you need to, at one point,say, "Enough of this.

So if I can'tproduce a normal embryo,

what options I have?"

Well, then youroption is to get an egg donor.

- So that's somebody else'sbaby.

- Yeah, we down, but we notdoing that at all.

- I'm gonna give you a fewminutes.

The only decision youneed to make at this point is,

do we go ahead with some of thetesting that's necessary for me

to confirm my line of thinking,okay?

- Okay.

[dramatic music]

- You know, it just made me feel sad.

I want to have a baby withthe man that I love,

but it just may not be possible,

and that hurts my heart.

The miscarriagesthat I have had,

it's very emotionally andphysically draining.

Now that I've got theinformation,

it's kind of like, do I want tokeep going through that?

- Okay, and so now you don'twant to have the baby.

- No, that's not what I said.

- That's basically what yousaid.

- Do I want to? Yes.

But am I physically capable ofdoing that?

Maybe not.

Am I emotionally able to handlejust to keep miscarrying?

Absolutely not.

I'm feeling like the bestdecision is just--

like, I wantto have a baby with you,

but maybe it's just--it's toomuch for me.

Like, the emotionalaspect of it all,

nobody goesthrough that but me, you know?

- I just really don't like tosee you upset, Mom,

and, like, I think that--I knowit would be hard,

but why don't you want togive it a shot?

- Sometimes you just lovesomeone,

and it's the wrongtime,

and this may be one ofthose moments.

I'd love to spend the rest of my life with Reggie,

but I don't want to keep him ina situation where he's not

being fulfilled, and I know thathe wants a child.

I know that youhaven't had a child,

and you want one,but that may not be

what I'm capable of doing atthis age,

and that's what bothers mebecause then it's like,

do we even stay together?

Do you go have a baby withsomebody else?

- So what you want to do?