• Season 5, Ep 8

Jackie Is Coming For Angel Love

Yet another Angel Brinks event is turned upside down. This time Jackie is coming for Angel Love, and Sundy Carter is ready to jump in.

08/28/2016 ยท 2:39

[upbeat music]

- Really? What you back for?- I'm not--I'm not coming--

- What you back for?Hold on, Mika,

I'm about to bust thisbitch's mother[bleep] ass.

- Jackie, I'm not back for that.- What you back for, Angel?

Really? Like, no, no, no, no,no, no, no, no, move back.

- I'm not back for that--- Nah, Angel, nah, nah.

Because you came at me once.

Watch my purse, Tamika.Watch my purse.

Watch my purse, Tamika.- I'm so sorry.

- You know what you back for,bitch.

Take this mother[bleep]off me, Brandi.

Take this [bleep] off me.

- What is she doing?

Malaysia,what is she doing?

I'm not hereto fight her.

- Let me go.- No, no, no.

- This bitch lied on me.

She know mother[bleep] well whatshe did.

- Hey, this is not fair.- Where is security?

- Let me go!- Jackie, no.

- Let me go! Let me go, no!

- Jackie, let's go outside.- Take this [bleep] off me. Nah!

all: [shouting indistinctly]

- I ain't gonna do nothing toher!

I ain't gonna do nothing toher!

- This is not fair.

- Jackie.

- I need this dress off me!

- Somebody get her, please?

- Come here.- No, where you going?

- Somebody--somebody get her,please.

- Jackie, Jackie. Jackie.- Get this dress off of me!

Jackie. Jackie. Jackie.

- Can you get her please?- What are you not back for?

- Go around this way.Excuse me. Excuse me.

- Please.- What are you not back for?

- Take it off me!Take it off me!

Take it--I can't breathe!I can't breathe!

- Hey, hey, Jackie.

- Take this dress off me!

- Can you all--can you all getthem?

- Do have some beefwith my girl?

- I don't have beef.

- It's okay, baby.- Jackie, look at me.

- I'm tired, Malaysia.

I'm tired, Malaysia.I'm tired.

- I know. I know.Let's go somewhere else.

- I'm tired.- Let's go somewhere else.

- I told you once, takethe dress off me.

That's all I'm saying.- Let's go somewhere else.

- I need my purse.

I need tocall my husband.

Just take this[bleep] off me.

I want this off me.

Take the dress off me.I can't breathe.

I can't breathe.- Okay, relax.

- Relax, relax.- I can't breathe.

Bring her--bring her to me.- No.

- Just--I just want to talk toher.

I'm not gonna do [bleep] to thisbitch.

[sobbing] Bring her here!Bring her here to me!

- Calm down. Calm her down. Calmher down. Calm her down.

- No!

- Y'all need to back the [bleep]up.

- Yes, please.- Back up.

Back the [bleep] up.

- What the hell was that about?

- What just happened?

What the [bleep]'s up?Brandi?

- It was.- Take me to her.

Just take me to her.Take me to her. [bleep].

Take me to her.Take me to her.

Take me to her.Move.

- Jackie!

- This is about to be amurder scene.

- Move. Move.

- Oh, my God.