• Season 5, Ep 10

Angel Love Opens Up To Malaysia

Angel Love gets emotional recalling her past altercation with one of the ladies. Love looks to Malaysia for help.

09/18/2016 ยท 3:56

- Hey, girl.- Hi.

Angel Brinks' fifth yearanniversary party was crazy.

Jackie flipped out on mefor no reason,

and since Malaysia's been knowing her for so long,

I'm hoping she can help mefigure out

what was all this about.

Thank you for coming.

- Well, I feltreally bad for you.

You're okay?

- Malaysia, that was so crazy.

I know we didn't start offon the best foot, but, like,

I really appreciateyou actually coming in

and stepping in to help me.

Like, that could have wentreally, really bad.

- Yeah, we're not the best offriends, and we are rocky,

but we are basketball wives,so we stick together.

- I don't knowif I'm being played or wh--

I don't know if it's abouta dress or her dress being--

like, I know she had problemsearlier that day,

but when I saw her,she looked good in her dress,

so I'm like, okay.

I'm thinkingI'm about to go in here.

We about to have a awesome time,like, smiling, happy,

not trying to beconfrontational, anything,

and she looked at me,and she was like, "Angel Love,

I think you wantto take your shoes off,"

and I'm like, "You want to f--why you want to fight me?"

- So, Jackie waslosing her mind.

She lost her cool completely.

I ain't gonna do nothing to her.

Sundy, get that bitch!- What just happened?

- Take me to the mother[bleep]--- Somebody get her, please.

- Take it off of me!Take it off of me!

Take it--I can't breathe!I can't breathe.

- I have beared witnessto this before.

This is Angel Love's first timeseeing it.

She was like a deer inheadlights.

- It totally caught meoff guard.

I was so emotional.

I don't know.I do not know.

I'm so tired of being throwninto this or that

and don't trust this person,figure this person out,

don't put your guards down,

keep your guards up.

You don't know how people'sgonna come at you.

I don't want to--I never hadto live like this in my life.

I never had to think about,like,

"Oh, somebody's tryingto hurt me,"

or, "Somebody's trying to--to do something,"

or, "Somebody's tryingto twist my words."

I don't even knowhow to do this.

I never lived like that.

I don't want to continuedoing this.

- Just some advicefrom me to you:

I came in this circleof friends,

and I literally hadto fight somebody

because I wasthe butt of everybody's joke.

"Oh, here she's coming.

Oh, with her Louis Vuitton,"and whatever,

and, like, they made it so hardfor me to be me.

I was ghetto.

I was bougie.

I mean, like, they were tryingto figure it out, child,

and they were puttingso many jackets on me.

What I'm saying isdon't let it kill you.

- I guess she's just letting me know, like, just stand strong,

and it made me feellike she's extending the arm

to reach out to say,"You know what?

Whatever we been through,let's just put it behind us."

It's a different side.

Seems like we might be on the right track right now.

You know Jackie.

You've been around these peopleway longer than I have.

I am super fun.

- Right.- I love to have fun.

Like, people really love me.I just want you all to--

you all to get a chanceto know me.

- [laughs]I'm sure, I'm sure.

- Like, people really do.

Like, I just want you guysto know that, like--

and I just want to getto that place with you.

I want to get to that placewith everyone else,

and right now I just don't knowwhich way to go.

- Start with Jackie.

The only way to move past it isto confront it.

Like, you cannot let itlinger on.

You got to confront it,talk about it.

"This is what it is.I don't like that.

Don't ever let it happen again,and we can move on,

or we can't move on...what is it?"

- Okay.

- For the first time,I actually recognize

a human inside of Angel Love,

'cause I feel like so farshe's kind of been

walking around like a robot.

Right now when I see her in front of me,

I feel like she's actually a--you know, a good person,

a cool person,so I want to see where this go.

Girl, every situation isa learning situation,

and it's just gonna make youtough.

It's gonna be all right,

but you gotsome cleaning up to do.

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