• Season 5, Ep 8 · Bonus

Jackie and Brandi Receive Spiritual Guidance

Tami brings Jackie and Brandi to her spiritual adviser. Jackie ends up feeling worse, while Brandi is advise to think about her son before ending her marriage.

08/28/2016 · 3:47

[music playing]

Hello, hello, hello.


How are you?

Good, good.

I'm bringing Brandi andJackie to my spiritual advisor,

Patrice, today.

Because if anybody coulduse some psychic guidance,

it's probably Jackie and Brandi.


-How are you?-Hey.


So I know you didn't knowwhat you were coming into.


BRANDI: This spaceis a little off.

I see ham hocks or somethingthat she's burning.

I never seen this before.

I'm gonna be honest.

It's a little uncomfortable.

Oh my god, is anyone here?

Tami, what the hellyou got going on now?

There is things thattarot readers and ball,

they read the glass balland all of those people,

something's going on.

And I'm alwaysinterested to hear what.

I've known Patrice foralmost four years now.

She works withenergy, and candles,

and astrology, and youknow, all that stuff.

So I wanted you toexperience that.

Oh, Jesus.

Have a reading.

I'm here to help.

I'm here to give insight.

With that being said, I need tohave you both go sit somewhere.

You know what?

I'm gonna let all myfears, my apprehension,

my preconceived ideas go.

I got to give it a chance.

My husband'staken this new job.

So I just want to know,where is that gonna take us.

It just feels likeI'm losing my family.

I don't see youlosing your family.

But you have to givesome kind of therapy

to get into controlover your mind.

OK, so you gotta reallydeal with the depression.

Get yourself backhappy and light and--

You see, I'm around [inaudible]unhappy, but inside--

You got a great poker face.

But inside, youhave a lot of pain.

And you need healing.

You wear black a lot?

I do.

I love it.

You know, I want youto wear more white,

because the dark spiritsfollow the black clothes.

And you could call Death to you.

So now I've got darkspirits and dead people

following me around?

I mean, come on, Tami.

I thought this wassupposed to help me.

Now I feel worse.

TAMI: I'm gonna get Brandi.

Do you have any questionsyou want to ask anybody?

PATRICE: The other ancestors?

I just wanna know--

OK, hold on a second.

--is marriage in my life?

PATRICE: Come on this side.

So these are our-- these areour spirits from the Congo.

So they ask this palo mayombe.

So you can ask them questions.


OK, so, are yousupposed to stay married

--to him.


Right now, yes.

[mumbling incantations]

There's another reasonhe's saying, yes.

It's not because of matrimony.

So I have to askhim, will he try

to do something with your son.

Oh, OK.

All four up.

So you're going to havea problem custody-wise.

You would think,OK, you know what.

This is going to be easy-breezy.

You go your way, I go mine.

And I've already seen it.

That's why I'm like, oh--

So you have to be very carefuldealing with the situation.

Because your childis your heart.

And you would neverthink that someone

would try to take your child.

So you have to have all yourmoney right, your business

right, everything stabilized.

We're good for right now?

-Yeah.-All right?

We're good.

Don't worry aboutthe rest of it.

Spirit got you.

I'm mad at you.

Spirit got it.

Spirit got you.

That's all you have to know.