• Season 5, Ep 9

Jackie Tells Her Side Of The Story

Jackie tells Tami + Malaysia her side of what happened at Angel Brinks's event. Jackie feels like Angel Brinks is using her.

09/11/2016 ยท 3:20

- Yeah, let's do some shots. - Let's do a shot.

- Jackie, where the Bossard,girl?

People want to get tore up,get that Bossard for real.

- Malaysia invited myself and Tami Roman

to go out for drinks,and I already know

that she's gonna wantto grill me about what happened

at Angel Brinks' five-year anniversary party.

To a better life and friendship.

- Ayy.

- Yes. You did it.[laughs]

She's breathing, girl.She's--

- You're--oh, my, whoo.

- So the party. What happened?I mean--

- You guys--okay, what happened is Angel--

a couple days before,she asked me to come

help her out with her models

and get everything togetherfor her party.

I said, "Okay, no problem."I show up at her shop.

Everything's fine, and all of asudden she springs on me,

"Well, if you my friend,you'll wear my dress,"

so it put me on the spotin front of her models,

so I said,"Well, if it looks good,

"I'm gonna rock this dressfor you.

I promise I will represent,

even though I'm not in shape."

"Okay, okay, tomorrow come infor your fitting."

I called her the next day,no fitting.

Called her the next day,no fitting.

Well, the next day isthe day of the event.

So you got dressedat the event?

I get there. I go upstairs.I put it on.

The dress is tight as [bleep].

It's hard to breathe,but I'm gonna grin and bear it,

so I walk in the party.

I was already emotional.My husband was gone.

I look on the ground.

There sits my cognacon the floor.

Bossard cognac don't belongon the floor.

It belongs up in the front.

- You were kind of, like,a sponsor for the event, right?

- Girl, I was supposed to beon the backdrop.

Did you see anything aboutBossard cognac on the backdrop?

- No.- Oh, [bleep].

- I done gave you casesof my liquor,

so it was hurtfulbecause she's using me.

- Which is the using youfor the situation?

- She's using me,using the situation,

using whatever I canbring to the table,

and that's [bleep] up.

- Is she using you for, like,social climbing?

- She's just gettingwhatever she can get.

That's the type of girl she is.

- I don't always agree with everything that Jackie says.

Nor do I always believe it.

but this is the one timewhere she may have a point.

She was a sponsorat Brinks's event,

and her cognac should have beentreated as such.

- We fast forwardto Angel Love sitting there

antagonizing mewhen all I was saying was

I really need to talkto Angel Brinks

because some things todayhave brought it to my attention

that she's using me, I think.

I'm hurt about it.That's all it was.

I was just a littledisappointed,

'cause here again,another person that claimed

they're my friendain't my friend.

This girl hears itand starts tripping.

She left, but it got chaotic

because she comes back in theresmiling.

All I see is this big-assJoker smile,

and it's like,"Nah, nah, nah, nah.

Not me. Not tonight,"

and I just threw cautionto the wind and lost my mind.

- Right.- I [bleep] up.

I made a mistake,and I trusted them,

and they put mein some [bleep] again,

and it hurts--it really does.

- You got to get hurt.- And it pisses me off,

and I'm not gonna get emotional,

but I have learned my lesson.

I acted crazy at the party,and I'm sorry.

- If you had to do it all overagain, would you do it again?

- I would do it again,but I would

knock her mother[bleep] ass outin the process.

- Okay, so don'tsay sorry for it.

- Okay, I ain't sorry then.

Cheers to us beingOG bad bitches

and keeping the ogres out,

'cause them mother[bleep]is ogres.

- I'm sorry.I don't want to be a bad bitch.

Mm-mm.- I just want to do my shot.

- I'm not trying to startnothing.

Just let me--let me dealwith these two little girls

as I need to, and that's it,

and if they wantto be friends, cool.

If they don't, [bleep] them.

I'm out.

I'm done.