• Season 5, Ep 10

Will Tami + Reggie Have A Baby?

Tami asks Reggie if they will stay together if she can not conceive. Will Jazz carry their baby for them?

09/18/2016 · 3:23

'cause Lyric was telling me

that y'all went to the doctoror something like that,

so I might havea little brother?

- Well...

there's more to it than that.

We were trying to figure outif it's a situation

that I should continuetrying to get pregnant,

because if I don't--if I'm incapable, right,

you don't want to do itwith somebody else.

- Mm-mm.- So then--

- I was hopingyou'd say no.

If you were willing to do that,

that would be, like,the best option,

but if you're not willingto do that,

then what really happensbetween me and you?

Because when we left the doctor,

that's what we were supposedto be thinking about.

- Yeah, I ain't really thoughtabout this deal.

- Why not?

So, then what?

- Tami,what you want me to do?

I can't give youno damn answer right now,

so quit asking me.

- So, what does that mean?

- That means we gonna break up.

- [laughs]- At the end of the year?

- Yeah, at the--at the end of the year,

you can't have a child,you miscarry,

we gonna break up.

He's just saying that'cause he mad now.

- I'm gone. I'm leaving.- [laughing]

- Soon as that--soon as that bad-ass egg

fall up out of there,I'm gone.

- That's mean.That's mean.

- Okay, I'm just saying.That's just what it is.

- That's mean.

So then why should Iput myself through that?

- Why are you putting methrough this?

That's what I--that's--

for the dear life of me,I'm trying to understand, Jazz.

- I thinkyou should keep trying.

- Will you carry it?

- See, now,that's just super weird.

- No.

- So you don't wantto help your mama?

- My career.[laughing]

- Can I pay you to do it?- Y'all think money gonna make--

- But I'm not for that.- I'm offended.

- That's weird.- [laughs]

'Cause y'all really thinkpaying me

will get me to do anything?

Well, most of the time, Jazz,if I offer you some change--

- Most of the time it works.

This might be a little strangefor the change,

but you normally jumpfor the change.

Don't try that [bleep] on me.

- Oh, that's real strangefor that change.

- Yeah, I w--I couldn't do that.

- You wouldn't do it?- I couldn't do that.

No, not at all.

- Well, Reg,you have to figure it out,

and I'm listening.

[dramatic music]

- I don't want to break upwith you or nothing like that,

so if you unable to havea child, yes,

I still want to be with you'cause I love you dearly.

- There you go.

- Those are my feelings.That's what I'm feeling.

- I don't believe that though.- Right.

- I don't believe that.I don't believe

that in four or five years,if she still hasn't--

- Hey, that's probably--that probably won't be the case,

but I'm saying as of right now.- What?

- Listen--nah,give me a chance to explain.

Y'all laughing, I'm--you saying you want an answer.

- Because you basically saidin four years--

- Yeah, if you don'thave a baby--

- That won't--that may not be the case.

I mean, I still wantto be with you.

- I'm saying it's a possibility.

That's all I'm saying.


I've been thinking about itmore and more and more,

and I'm just gonna give it onemore good try the natural way.

So I'll probably try againfor him,

and God forbid,it doesn't work out,

then I'll have to stopfor myself.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪