• Season 5, Ep 9 · Bonus

Tami Learns Something From Jackie

Jackie tells Tami how to check if her man is cheating and encourages her to do a ball status check for Reggie.

09/11/2016 · 1:45

[music playing]

JACKIE: Do you everlook at Reggie?

I never have.



Tami, you have the look.

TAMI: Jackie to feel that whenyour mate's balls are engorged,

then that means hehas not released,

he hasn't cheated either withsomebody or with his hand.

Just say, go on, babe,get in the shower.

And then just glance over.

Don't even act like you lookin',or get in the shower with him.

If it's empty, you know.

And it's about--

Without his dick being [bleep].

JACKIE: Right.

Like, the ballswould just be heavy.

[interposing voices]

If it's empty, where the[bleep] did it [bleep]?

Where'd it go?

It got to go somewhereto take [inaudible].

[inaudible] [bleep]?

I didn't.

Wow, I just learned something.

Are you playing with us?

You really didn'tknow this, Tami?

I swear to god I don'tlook at his ball sack.


You have to look.

You have-- and then you couldalso squeeze his nipples.

And if he goes "eh!,"he already done [bleep]

and he's sensitive.


JACKIE: You don'twant that [bleep].


TAMI: What if they justsensitive with their nipples?

No, they're not just-- yougotta squeeze 'em and see.

And if it's been inthe last couple hours,

he'll be sensitive.

You don't want that.



TAMI: This is so---Oh, girl.

We need to talk.

TAMI: I'm soperplexed right now.

I'm like--

JACKIE: Are you playin' with me?

I'm gonna be with that nipple.

Like, get in the shower.


Tami, stop.

Are you playin' with me?

[interposing voices]

Are you playing with me, boo?

You didn't know, bitch.

I swear to god.

Tami, you have to--yeah, touch 'em.

And watch.

If he's not getup, they sensitive.

They can't help it.

They goin' back you off.

Tami, go home tonight and look.

Well, we [bleep] earlier,so that won't work.