• Season 5, Ep 9 · Bonus

Are Malaysia’s Standards Are Too High?

Malaysia’s friend, Paris Phillips, joins her for a workout. After, the two talk about what Malaysia is looking for in a man.

09/11/2016 · 3:00

[music playing]

Hey, girl!

You would picksomething like this.

I know!

It's gonna be fun!

There's nothing funabout working out.

Hey, boo!

I invited my friend,Paris, to work out with me.

Where your ponytail holder at?

I'm not workingout hard like that.

What you mean?

Then what's the point?

We fitting to work out.

Let's go.

I'm gonna work your nerve.

I ain't working out.

She's from Brooklyn.

She's all Brooklyn.

She's loud.

I'm not prepared for this.

This is not even funny no more.

Like, look at this.

I can't even fit toget between here.

Yes, you can.

It's a reason why everybodyin here is light-skinned.

It's a reason.

This is not for us.

Don't you wanna behot for the summer?

Bitch, I'm hot already.

I'm hot already.

We got this.

You're gonna catch thatbeat in the saddle.

Let's go.

Right there.

Pick your knees up!

Paris is millyrocking on the bike.

She has not movedher actual legs yet.

But she's working them arms.

It's just mm, mm, mm.

How are we doing?

You got ten, eight, six,four, three, two, one.

Slow me down.

Bring it right backinto that beat.

Let's go.


Paris does not do anythingshe don't want to do.

She's going to keep it soreal that you're going to want

to punch her in her face.

Don't ever bring meto something like this.

This [bleep] is fun.

You didn't even giveit a chance, yo.

This is not my type of [bleep].

Do it look like my fat asswalk into places like this?

OK, so I'm trying to stay fit.

So if I'm 100%whole, then when I

present myself to someoneelse, or when my mate find me,

I'll be whole.

Why this sound likea math situation?

It is--

Whole is a percentage.

I failed math all the time.

Are you ready tostart getting laid?

If you're not whole, how do younot-- OK, I want to have sex.

You're like Claire Huxtable.

Like, you're a great mom, butyou gotta get out there more.

Do I need the sausage?


You gonna let me pickyour next guy you date?

Just let him not be a murderer.

Why would I hookyou up with a murder?

A 290, because you thinkthat [bleep] is cute.

He has to believe in JesusChrist, first and foremost.

What if he got kids?

He can have kids.

How many baby mamas?


Oh, that's not bad!

He has to have a goodjob or a regular job?

I would love for himto have a nice job.

So you still want a NBA player.

That's what it is.-I do not want a NBA player.

Yes , you do.

I don't even lookat them no more.

Yes, you do.

Your standards is too high.

And they're gonna stay high!

I don't think mystandards are high.

I just know what I want.

And I should get what I deserve.

Let's go.

I can't-- I'm really--I need a drink now.

That's what I'm just saying.

I need some food!

That's what I need.