• Season 5, Ep 9

Angel Love Reappears

Angel Love meets with Angel Brinks to talk about why she left the party early. The Angels feel betrayed by Jackie's actions.

09/11/2016 ยท 3:55

- Hey. Hi, boo.

- Last night was a disaster from hell,

and I'm really tryingto make sense of it.

What happened?

What in the hellwas all that about?

- I don't really knowwhat happened.

I just kind of heard, like,bits and pieces,

and I feel really bad.

- When I walked in the party,everything was fine.

I saw Jackie. She lookedbeautiful in her dress,

and she was sitting there,"Come sit by me," you know?

Everything was cool,and I'm like, "Okay."

After that she did mentionsomething about being used.

And I'm like, "Used?Okay, so Angel's using you?

"So what's she using you for?Let me talk to you.

Let me understandwhere you're coming from."

I know she was upsetabout her dress,

something likeit wasn't on time,

and I was like,"Jackie, what you talking about?

This is Angel's event, and thisain't the place for this."

She stood upand was like, "Angel Love,

I think you wantto take your shoes off."

- Girl.- What?

You want to fight me?Why doyou want to fight me?

- To take your shoes offat a party?

That's so ghetto, and why shouldAngel take her shoes off?

For what?She's not trying to fight you.

- It was so devastating to meto--

for her to turn on me like that.

I opened up to this lady.

Like, I felt like she wassomebody I could really trust.

That [bleep],it hurt me to the tenth power.

I don't think she a good person.

- At firstwhen I was hearing things,

I thought that the fight wasbecause of you

or something that you saidor something that happened.

- No.- And then as I'm, like,

hearing, I'm like,"Yo, her problem is with me."

- Yes.- But if it's with me

and she saw you, she probablysaw, like, my friend,

so she took it out on you,and I feel so to blame,

because, like, I brought youaround the girls, and, like,

stuff keeps happening to you.

- Angel's taking responsibilityfor Jackie's action,

and she feels bad that she brought me around the girls,

but at this pointI just want to know why.

Why was Jackie actingthe way she was?

Like, I just feel like we donelet the goddamn devil

in the house, and it's hardto get the devil out.

- Everything that I'm hearingis, like--

literally, it's, like,boiling my blood.

I'm like, I want to grab herand be like,

"What were you thinking, girl?Why would you do that?

"What did I do to youthat was so bad

"for you to come take it outon my friend

and let everyone else see yourun amok around my party?"

- Just for you to just go crazylike that at a party,

it wasn't called for...so unnecessary.

- Hey.- Hey, Angel.

- Hey, guys.- Hi.

- How are you?- Come on in.

My event planners walk in,

and I see them carrying Jackie's dress.

I'm trying to connect the dots here.

I don't know why they would evenhave Jackie's dress.

- So, when we werecleaning the venue,

we found Jackie's dress.

- Where?

- Upstairs in the hallwayon the floor.

- She took her dress off?- When she took it off--

- So, when she was ripping it--- Ripping it?

- She ripped her dress?- She ripped it.

- How in the hell did Jackie ripthat dress up like that?

She turninto the Incredible Hulk?

[audio slowed]- Let me go.

Get this dress off of me!

Get it off me.

- She was screaming and cryingto me and Malaysia,

"I can't breathe!I can't breathe!

Take this dress off me!Take this off me!"

She literally, like,

caught the holy ghostand fell to the floor.

And when she, like, fell,she pulled my dress down,

ripped it.- She ripped your dress?

- She ripped my dress.- She fell on her.

She, like, smushed her kind of.

Broke my glasses, broke my shoe,and then she, like,

got up and, like,ran outside.

- This is utmost, complete,like, disrespect.

We spent so many hoursto make this dress,

and it was just like it wasnothing to her.

I feel so disrespectedright now.

- It's so hard to work on it,and I--

you know, and I made it for her.

- I know,'cause it's sequins.

- She didn't deserve anything.

- She didn't even give a [bleep]about anything,

and that, like, really,really hurts my heart.

This is, like,a slap in my face.

I need to throw this at her facewhen I see her.

Like, really?I'm gonna be like, "Really?"

You know, and, like,boom, bye.

Don't ever ask me for [bleep].