• Season 5, Ep 10

Tami Vents To Shaunie

Tami tells Shaunie why Duffey is no longer working on the music video.

09/18/2016 ยท 2:39

- I got myvideo dancing clothes on.

- Yes, you ready?You ready?

Just come back here.- No.

- Hey, girl.- How are you?

- She said, "No."[all laugh]

- I know Tami's been workingextremely hard on this video,

and I'm excited to support her.

- I'm gonna go get readyreal quick.

- Oh, okay. All right.

Thank you for coming.- What's going on?

- You look--girl,I am pulling my hair out.

- Why?

- Because Duffey wassupposed to be doing this.

- Is she a little late?

- No, she's not coming.

- Why, Tami?

- She went from 0 to 1,000.

- No.- Starts popping off,

"You're not gonna have dancers.

You're not gonna have any ofthis stuff,

'cause guess what?

I work with real artists."

- Oh, no.- "The Drakes,

the Slim Thugs of the world."

First of all, bitch,if you're arguing with me

about what's happeningwith this video,

then you keep that argumentbetween us.

- Absolutely.- You don't include my kid,

and you don't try to belittlethe steps that she has taken

because who the [bleep] wasDrake before he was Drake?

- Right.- That cute [bleep]

sitting in the wheelchairon "Degrassi."

We didn't even knowwho the [bleep] Drake was, okay?

So don't try to play herin this moment,

so I'm like,"In the words of Shaunie O'Neal,

thank you for your services.

Please leave."

- Wait, did you push her?- Yes.

She's like,"Don't put your hands on me,

'cause I don't want to beat yourass in front of your daughter."

- No, she didn't say that.- She said that.

- [gasps]- "Jazz, go."

- What'd you do?- I gave her one good shove.

I wanted to be here,but somehow I ended up here,

but there still was a shove.- It's a lot going on there.

-It was a lot.It was a lot, you know?

Then she tried to play me,talking about,

"You was excitedwhen I called Slim Thug."

Bitch, I live in Houston.

You think I don't knowSlim Thug?

- Right.- But you're a groupie bitch

'cause you wanted to yell outeverybody's name.

- Right.

And I've never heard them sayyour name once,

and the streets be talking.

- Yeah, 'cause we don't reallyknow much about Duffey.

- Apparently she's[bleep] all of them.

- Oh!- Now, if you consider that

working with people, then yeah,you working with them.

I never needed a Duffeyto do anything for me.

- Right, right, right.You'll get it done.

- I called people.

I got TM88 coming here,Propain.

You know, they work with Future,2 Chainz, Gucci,

Chris Brown,and oh, Drake, okay?

- Ooh! Ha!- So I got them coming in,

'cause I [bleep] with peoplethat [bleep] with Drake,

not [bleep] Drake.

- You know what? Enough said.- Okay?

I'm super proud of Tamiin this moment,

because Tami of oldwould have

knocked Duffey outin that moment,

and it sounds like Jazz is better off

working with her motherthan the lady who's got bodies

and don't knowwhat day to show up for work.

- Hey, girls.- Hey.