• Season 5, Ep 10

Is Brandi On Duffey's Side?

Duffey explains what happened between her and Tami. Brandi sees the situation from Tami's perspective and thinks Duffey should understand where Tami is coming from.

09/18/2016 ยท 3:21

- Why you so quiet?What's wrong with you?

- Yeah, you seem a little--- I don't know.

I guess I'm still a little offfrom yesterday.

Like, you know,that was crazy.

It was--it was just a lot.

You know, I could tellyou were sad,

and it seemed like Angel Brinkswas sad too.

- Yeah.- You made your point.

She made her point.- Yeah.

- And you guys are friends,

so at leastyou guys talked it out.

- And you know,speaking of that,

I heard through the grapevinesomething about you and Tami,

'cause why didn't she come?

- [sighs]Girl, child.

- What?- I don't think she wanted

to be around me.

- Did y'all argue?-When I heard Jazz's music,

I was like,"Hey, to help you all out,

I could help with the video."

Long story short,she called me to meet her.

Jazz was there.Her stylist was there,

and she's like, "Hey, you know,we're not really feeling

the way you're doing things.

We don't feellike you're organized.

We don't feel like the video isgonna come out good,

so we don't wantto work with you anymore.

"In the words of Shaunie O'Neal,'thank you for your services,'"

and then all I remember is her,like, grabbing my arm,

trying to push meout of the venue,

telling me to get out,

and then that'swhen it got physical.

- Tami got physical with you?

- Her stylist had to getin between us.

Like, it got bad,and I was like,

"I'm not gonna--I'm not going to fight you

in front of your daughter."

Like, I don't play that [bleep].

So then I was like,"Jazz--go, Jazz, go."

- Duffey, you told Jazzto go on and go?

- You can't do that.- You can't put your hands

on me--after that it'sfair game.

Your daughter'sover the age of 16.

- But she put her hands on youafter.

- Her daughter's a grown-asswoman, so yes, I can.

- Tami is veryabout her kids.

- I don't give a damn.

- You do not want to messwith any woman's child,

but you especially do not wantto mess

with Tami Roman's child.

This is a no-no.

Everybody knows that.

- I was like,"I work with big artists.

Really, I'm wasdoing your daughter a favor."

- I think she was justin panic mode,

just worriedabout if it's gonna be right.

- So, whose side are you onright now, Brandi?

She was not in panic mode.She was disrespectful.

- No, I'm not sayingshe not disrespectful, damn.

- Because if this wasthe other way around

and I heard that Tamibrought you in

and disrespected youand put her hands on you,

the last thing I would be doing

is sitting here sayingshe was in panic mode.

- So stop getting heatedbecause I'm saying to you

that by her touching you it's--

Stop making excuses for her.- I'm not make--listen.

- I'm listening.Stop making excuses for her.

- So, by her touching you isdisrespectful.

By a mother that's a manager

and she wantsto do all this herself,

she was probably in panic modenot understanding

and not knowingwhat was going on

because you had all the--

you had all the knowledgeto what was going on.

- Okay, so that'swhen you ask questions.

- Brandi, you're supposed to be my sister.

You're supposed to be my friend.

Like, really? Like,whose side are you on right now?

Like, I need youto have my back.

And if you felt that it wasn'tbeing handled right,

as a manager,you're supposed to be like,

"Let's have a meeting.Let's sit down.

I need to see what's going on."

That's what a manager should do,

but when you're a petty mom,

you sit back, and you waittill your daughter's there,

and you try to embarrasssomebody

that her daughter looks up tolike, "Ha, see?

She ain't poppinglike you thought she was."

Don't do me.Don't try to play me.

[dramatic music]

- I definitely needto talk to Tami,

because you guys can make thiswork out, I think.

- How do you think Tami is gonnabe the next time I see her?

- I'm like, heart palpitations,

'cause I know she must have beenreally upset

to even touch you.