• Season 5, Ep 9

Jackie Confronts Angel Brinks

Angel Brinks finally arrives to her anniversary party, only to be confronted by an emotional Jackie.

09/11/2016 · 3:16

Jackie walks up to me in a robe,like, talking [bleep],

so I'm just like,"What is going on?"

- Have you tried to use me?

- Use you for what?- Anything.

You got something to say,[bleep] say it.

♪ ♪

- Wait, hold on, what happened?- And that's it.

- Like, this makes no sense.- Call me tomorrow,

and I'll tell you.- This makes no [bleep] sense.

- Once everybody get theirmother[bleep] [bleep] together.

Where's my watch?I need my [bleep] watch.

That's a [bleep] expensive-assgoddamn watch,

and I don't [bleep] feel it.

- This, like, makes no sense.

- Goddamn it, can you [bleep]--hold up.

Let me find my watch 'cause myhusband bought me that watch.

- There it is.- I got my watch.

- I'm just like,"Are you drunk right now?

Like, what are you on?"

- Have a party. Enjoy yourfive-year anniversary, Angel.

- But Jackie, you're my friend.You're supposed to be here.

- Yeah, but I got [bleep] offfor no [bleep] reason.

- What happened--who?- I wore the [bleep] dress

you made me.- Thank you.

- Even with FUPA and all.

I'm [bleep] pissed.

You know what? Let me go.Let me just leave.

Let me just leave.

- She just kind of wentlike this and just walked away.

Like, she almost stopped herselffrom wanting to, like, punch me.

I don't know exactly what's going on,

but to see Jackie angry like that

after she knows how importantthis is to me is like,

you're hereto rain on my parade.

I don't understandwhat she was saying.

- Let it go, dude.She's drama.

- She's [indistinct] up and whosaid [bleep].

- It's all about you, Angel,right now.

- [bleep]. Do you know how muchmoney I spent on this venue?

Like, this is so embarrassing,like, seriously.

- Okay, so now--but now we let--we let go.

- Like, seriously.

My team is really trying to remind me

that there's a bigger picture here,

and it is my five-year anniversary.

I really need to be in that zone

of Angel Brinks the designer,

not Angel Brinks hanging outwith these type of girls

who are just here to upset heror ruin her party.

- I just don't understandwhy did it escalate so fast?

Like, what happened?

- I don't know who's tellingthe truth,

'cause I wasn't there,but she said she went

up to Jackie and said,"Jackie, I'm back,

and I really want to knowwhat you're talking about,"

and then Jackie snapped.

- Yeah, she did say, "I want toknow what you're talking about,"

but Jackie never explainedto her what happened.

- Mm-hmm.

Jackie don't even know.

- [laughs]

- Okay, I'm--let's go back inside

and smoke hookah or something.

It's getting cold.

- Angel Love is gone.

Jackie's now gone with her posse,

and finally, like,

I actually get to just chill out with my girls.

[upbeat music]

- Let's get some looking up.Looking up, Kim.

- Whatever is happening,

whoever has started this problem,

today is my day.

This is my party.This is my event.

I need to make sure Lil' Kim looks great,

and we're gonna make our entrance together.

- Hello.

- The minute I walked up to the event

and I saw everyone standing there,

I see the paparazzi there, the media's there,

and they're here for me,that negative energy is done.

♪ ♪

- The place is absolutely beautiful.

It's got the chandeliers that I like,

and it's just very grandioseand classy.

Everything that I envisionedmy party to be came alive.

♪ I love me, gonna love myself ♪

♪ No I don't need anybody else ♪

♪ Hey, gonna love myself ♪

♪ No I don't need anybody else ♪

♪ I love me, can't help myself ♪

♪ No I don't need anybody else ♪

♪ Anytime, day or night ♪

♪ I love me