• Season 5, Ep 9

Tami Fires Duffey

The Tami + Duffey parternship is not working out. Tami quotes Shaunie, and thanks Duffey for her services. Duffey doesn't take it well.

09/11/2016 · 3:55

- Fine.- And I'm also gonna

have to fire Duffey's ass today.

- We want to establisha color palette,

and we want to establish a story

with your outfitfor your performance,

and so what I'm thinkingis we need to figure out

do we want to be brightand flashy,

or do we want to be mutedand timeless?

Because this suit, I think,does both.

- Yeah, it does.- It gives us the muted.

It gives us the flash.

It gives us everything,

and how we'll swing it iswe'll put...

- When it'stime to perform...

- A moment under,so this'll be open,

and this will wraparound your stomach,

and it'll be like a bandeau,but with strings.

- I want to be skinny again.- You know what I mean?

- I--ugh, I want to be skinny!- Love.

- You know, there was a timewhen my tits didn't hang

down to my waist,

and my ass wasn'tcloser to my knees,

and I really used to rocksome skinny [bleep].

♪ ♪

So then what do you wantto perform in?

'Cause that--- This stuck out to me a lot.

- Hello.- Hello.

- How are you?- Hi, Tami.

Good seeing you.- You look pretty.

Hey. So excited to see you.Welcome back.

- Thank you.

- I have one agenda,

and that is to be professional,

let her know I thank herfor everything that she's done,

but we're not gonna continuewith her as the director,

and hopefully she agreeswith that and moves on

and we have no issues,for the sake of Jazz.

Okay, so...

This is me getting into my Zen.

- Zen? Oh, Zen is so good.

- You know?- Some Zen. That moment.

Yeah, I'm into that.

- Why is everyone staring at me?

Nobody seems really happyor excited.

I mean, Tami is tryingto find her Zen right now,

and I'm starting to wonder,like, what did I just walk into?

- So I went to the meetingwith the creative team for Jazz,

and told them I didn't haveany information.

I felt like it was unorganized

to the point that it was like,I don't know

what the hell is going on--I should know what's going on.

At the very least, you shouldknow what's going on,

and nobody was enlightenedexcept you.

- Okay, and you all could haveeasily reached out to me.

I mean, you both havemy phone number.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- It's really not my job

to call you for updates.

It's your job as the directorto call me and say,

"This is what's going on."

- Everything is scheduled.You have a Rolls Royce.

- Well, you can cancel it,'cause we're not doing it.

- You have a venue.You have dancers.

You have a videographer.

- We're not doing it.- You have extras.

You have everything.

- And--and to quote Shaunie,thank you for your services.

- Really?

Really, Tami?

"Thank you for your services?"

Like, am I dealingwith a business professional?

Am I dealingwith a manager right now?

Or I'm dealing with somebodythat's very petty?

Oh, okay, well, you can't firesomebody when you're not

paying them, so I canno longer do you a favor?

- I can--I can fire youout of my daughter's life.

- I'm sorry, but you cannot firesomebody you're not paying them.

- Thank you for that.- Like, if you wanted it done

with a director,you should have paid somebody.

I can fire anybody I want.You were supposed to do a job.

- You--a job?- You were supposed to do a job.

- It's not a job when you'renot paying me, sweetheart.

- Yes, it is!- I did you a favor.

- Okay, well,your favor's not needed.

- You can't--you can't fire me

when you don't pay for me,sweetheart.

- Well, I can dismiss you out--

- So thank youfor your services.

- I can dismiss you out of here.- Thank you for your services.

- Thank you for your service.- I can dismiss you out of here.

- Thank you for your services.- Thank you for your services.

- Don't put your hand on me.

If this is what you want to doright now, then let's go.

Don't put your hand on me.

- I can put my handsanywhere I want to put them.

Drop your purse.Take your shoes off.

- Thank you. Thank you.Thank you.

I don't have to beat you up infront of your daughter, bitch.

- That would never happen.- I don't have to beat you up

in front of your daughter.

- That would never happenin this lifetime.

- I don't want to beat youin front of your daughter,

in front of Jazz.- Jazz, go outside.

- Yeah, Jazz. Yeah, Jazz.

- Go outside.